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Operation Take Over The World.

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Operation Take Over The World. BY Lyra :D .

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You are sitting on the couch watching TV shows. You have nothing to watch. Then your mom asks if you want to go to the mall and shop for groceries and other things. You say “sure” . You go upstairs in your room to grab your saved up money from you birthdays. You get into the car. And put your seat belt on. Then your mom comes in the car and starts to drive.


At the mall you see some of your friends. you ask if you can hang out with them. Your mom said “ok and meet me back at the sandwich shop by 3:50” and you say “ok”. Then you run to your friends and start going to random places until you went to the sport shop. You see an awesome dirt bike for sale. You don’t have enough money and you forgot your __________there.

You forgot your wallet

You forgot your phone


Once it was 3:50 you ran to the sandwich shop. You see your mom then your mom said “are you ok you look really upset and tired” and you say “yeah I am tired but I am not really upset” so your mom drives you to _________.

Your mom drives you to home

Your mom drives you to a restaurant


At home you go on your bed to rest. Suddenly you remember that you forgot something. So you run down stairs. Told your mom that you forgot something and that you have to get it back. Once you were at the mall you saw a stranger crazily beating people up. They got badly injured. You decide to…….

You are too scared so you don’t call

You suck it up and call the cops


In the mall your mom barely noticed that the was a stranger injuring people badly. In fact she was distracted by the clothes on sale. So then you try to run as fast as you can to tell your mom to hide. You were so scared that the stranger would injure you, that you forgot what you needed to get from the mall. Once you were with your mom you told her that a crazy man was injuring people and at first your mom didn’t believe you then you told her look behind her and then …….

……. BAM!!! Your mom ___________.

Your mom runs and hides into a spot where the crazy man wouldn’t find her

Your mom faints and falls on the floor


When you saw your mom faint you were so surprised and more scared then you usually are when you are in a crisis. You try to get your mom to wake up then she did so you told her to hide somewhere so the man doesn’t hurt her you said you were sorry for bringing her here then you decide to ____________.

You just stay where you are

You slow the man down


You are at the super market and you run through all the aisles. All you can find for slowing the man down are rope, oil, marbles, and toy cuffs with keys to unlock them.


You run out the super market forgetting to pay all the items and the employees are yelling at you giving you a lot of pressure. You set up the things and you say “HEY YOU”

The man points at himself and you say “YEAH I’M TALKING TO YOU STOP BEATING PEOPLE UP” then he drops the other person he was beating up. Started to run at you, you were so happy it was what you were planning. When the man was running you were beside 2 poles. You tied the rope. You standed behind the rope. Without him noticing he tripped over the rope.


When he got up you took the marbles and rolled it at his direction. He was slipping and sliding unfortunately he was ok and withstand the trick. Next since your plan with the marbles didn’t work you used the oil. First you opened it then you ran across the floor. You made a really slippery mess.


The man was slipping and sliding and he slid into a woman’s cart and got knocked out. You use the toy cuffs and cuff him so he wouldn’t beat people up. After that you got your phone and called the police.


When you were done some of the employees were in front of you saying that you have to pay for the items that you used. One of the cops heard about it and came in front of you and he said “did you take the items from the super market without paying?” and you said “yes I did” and you felt guilty for doing it but they asked did you do this alone? You said “yes” again and they said “its ok as long as you used the items for a good reason and I can see from this you did the right thing”.

THE END!!!!!!


When you called the cops you were quite nervous and freaked out. While calling the police then someone answered. You tell them that a crazy man was beating and injuring people badly. So then the person told you to stay calm and try not to let him see you. So then you hide inside a dressing room and stay silent. After awhile you get bored and start playing on your phone.


Inside the dressing room you are playing on your phone and you hear a noise coming closer and closer. And you stop playing on your phone for a minute then the door opened and…………

UHHHHHH UHHHHHHH UHHHHHH !!!!!!! And it was the crazy man right in front of you and you scream so loud that it even echoed. Luckily the police men came and tazered the crazy man. He got cuffed and was sent to jail. Also the ambulance came to get the injured people in the hospital.

THE END !!!!!


While your mom was hiding you say “stay here in your hiding place”. So then you call the cops and you say “I’m at the mall and there is a crazy man beating people up”. Then you hide in to a different place.


The cops come but you see that they have cuffed the wrong person. You are very suspicious then right in front of you there was the stranger. You were going to tell the cops but he banged you on your head. You were unconscious.


You wake up and you were tied up you couldn’t move at all. You look up and there was the stranger but he wasn’t crazy or drunk. It seemed as he was being controlled. Then you see a man talking and you stay quiet and you just _______ ________.

Ease drop

Fall asleep


You heard everything they said from the steeling, to the lying, to the way where he can become the mayor or the president of the whole city. He’d be successful in the war too. You didn’t feel very convinced at all. Then when you heard they were going to do it either way and that nothing was going to stop them you started to feel worried. Also they were going to kidnap people and to start to hypnotizing them. You stop and freeze for a minute and you see that you are going to fall under his command too like the other people.


You were devastated. You really wanted to get out then you hear a person coming. So you pretend that you are still unconscious and then they un tied you. The person put you on the floor then you quickly got up and you ran as fast as you can.


You were running and you see some people guarding the exit. They spot you and you run the other way. 2 hours later you are running and you find a place to hide and you end up in the _________ room.

You are in the hypnotizing room

You are in the employees locker room


You are in the hypnotizing room looking at all the incredible things. You are seeing a person down in the spotlight and not being able to move and then you hear him panicking and screaming. And he gets …….



He doesn’t get anything


You are watching as a mysterious man appear. He said you don’t need food you need to be hypnotized in a creepy yet scary voice. You see the man put this neck thing on with a micro chip. His eyes suddenly glow red. Then he said pat your head and rub you belly just to make sure he is under his command. LOL said a girl in the jail cell.


You were looking at all the people. You saw a man panicking, a man hallucinating and thinking that there is another person in there with him and there was a guy sleeping on the floor. Then the guard was walking and then he slipped over the drool. You laughed at him then you stopped laughing. Then the mysterious guy said “who was laughing at that guard” then you wanted to leave then you heard him say “it was you, you were the one who laughed you are in big trouble Alex!” Then you decide to leave.


You left the hypnotizing room and you go through the hallway and you are wandering around until the guards came. You were afraid and they were pointing there tazzer things and other stuff at you. The leader of the group said “you have one chance surrender or get tazzered” you were thinking while they were still looking at you…. 2 HOURS LATER you are still thinking ….. ANOTHER 4 HOURS LATER You are still thinking and 8 HOURS LATER THEY ALL FELL ASLEEP. So you walked away. You escape until you stepped on a tazzer it woke them up and you run away and you get away.

You get away


You got away then you were so tired you want to sleep. You started to slap yourself silly. And you were saying ouch every time you slap but you are happy that you were awake. Then you see a door that says exit. You are wondering if it’s a trap or if it the real exit. You went up to the door. You see that it was an exit and you ran outside and escaped the building.

THE END !!!!!!!!!!


You are about to go to the sandwich shop. You remember that you forgot your phone so you ran back to the sport store and you notice that the ground is shaking. You are looking for your phone then you find it then a clash of fire came to in front of you. So you run really fast.


You are still running but you are so tired then your leg got injured because you tripped. You couldn’t run that much so you call the cops to warn them about the mall and that you are injured.


You are still running but you tripped again and you are thinking about the bad things that will happen while you are trying to get up. Then you thought it was the end for you. Then out of nowhere there was a man who saved you. You looked up and it was a fire man.


Then you are at the hospital remembering nothing. Your mom told you that you were unconscious and you had a dream and that’s all.

THE END !!!!!!!!!!


You are driving to the restaurant you are asking why you guys are going. Then she said its for you cousin and you are happy until you noticed that there was a lot of little kids. There you felt weird plus if it made you feel creeped out because it was your annoying cousin birthday party and he was sticking his tongue at you.


You stay where you are and you start to call the cops. You were scared. You were just to lazy too.


Then you are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. Then they all arrive so then you say “hi” he is there and you are happy and you think you did the right thing. and your mom gives you $1000 for whatever you wantand you bought the dirt bike from the mall.

THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!


You fell asleep and you wake up in a jail cell. There was a guard in front of your jail cell. You knew that this was bad and that you should have not gone asleep at 2:12. So you are looking for your bag luckily you had the 21 presents from the ages 8, 7, 13, and 12 because you liked to have gadgets but you didn’t have your bag then you saw it at the side but instead you play dead.


You play dead and once a guard passed he looked and said “what the, what happened to the prisoner you were suppose to keep him alive you dumdum you are in big trouble from the boss”. Then the guard opened the cell and then you run towards the exit. Then you escape the building and you call the cops with your back up phone.

The end


You are in the employees locker room. You see uniforms that are in your size. You decide to put them on yourself. You said “that was convenient”.


You get out of the employees room and you bump into a guard. He said you are in my way. He also said “we need some people in the hypnotizing room”. So you went to follow the guards there.


You are in the hypnotizing room and you are see a land line so you quickly run there and you hide. You call the cops and you told them that you are in a tall building and you are under cover. You are listening to them. You said to the cops that they were plotting an attack to take over the city. Then after you were done you ran and lined up like the others.


You were listening to the boss and you were suspicious because it sounded like your father who left you when you were a little kid


You were listening and when he took his mask off it was you dad you were so surprised and you were so sad because you looked up to him and he was a villain. That he is going to jail because of you.


You were saying “OMG” in your head so much that you didn’t listen to your dad or the boss. Then he called you and you panicked you were saying things that you heard and he said “CORRECT” with a loud voice. Then you were safe and then the police came and said “you are arrested for trying to hypnotizing people”. And they ended up in jail and you were called a hero but you were sad still in the jail cell you know that he will escape from jail one way or another



Then the guy got his baconater and soft drink but not in the way he wanted he got it shoved in his face and the soft drink over his head.

You laughed but it gave you trouble because you were spotted and put on the chair but luckily you phone it called 911 and they heard everything in the office and then they got arrested.