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The over world

The over world

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The over world

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  1. The over world Nicholas Brown

  2. Mercury • Speed around the sun every 88 which makes the year shorter then ours

  3. Venus • Is the hottest world and has volcanic activity which probably means we will never live on it but it does sound like a nice winter planet

  4. Earth • This is our home planet 75%is water 25% is land but we don’t use that as good as we should but still its our wonderful home

  5. Mars • Is the planet to me that inspires my imagination which is great but it does have a lot of other things about it that are great. its known as the red planet and it has a cold desert as its surface but it has something more interesting about it looks like it used to have water that’s what scientists believe

  6. Jupiture • Is one of the most massive planets in our solar system which would be great if we could live there because we could have a another big planet and it wouldn't be over crowded like people say earth is

  7. Saturn • Has a planet with a bunch of rings making a little odd to look because of the rings but still makes it a beautiful planet

  8. Uranus • Is the only giant that’s equator is equal to its orbit and that’s all I know about this planet

  9. Curiosity • Curiosity is the only rover on mars rite now and it has great discovery's such as there mite have once been water on mars and it also helps to in spire me and others

  10. Earth vs mars • Every planet is different but these two are the most alike earth has running water mars used two have running water which is amazing when you think about it • How earth and mars are different is everything

  11. Ending • Life on other planets would be awesome but fore now we need to enjoy space without any aliens goodbye