what are these forced e migrates called n.
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What are these forced e migrates called? PowerPoint Presentation
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What are these forced e migrates called?

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What are these forced e migrates called? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vietnamese leaving their country. refugees. What are these forced e migrates called?. physical. The Appalachians' are an example of which type of boundary?. Worship of one god. Judaism, christianity , and islam are similar in that they are all ______ religions?. monotheistic.

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F.W. de klerkand nelson mandelareceived a nobel peace prize for their fight against which policy south african?
with the stable food supplies of the agricultural revolution what did humans begin to establish

Permanent settlements

With the stable food supplies of the agricultural revolution, what did humans begin to establish?


Trading for goods and service, subsistent farming, and fathers (not schools) teaching sons; can be found in this form of economy


If the majority of a country’s population lives in rural areas, they are most likely in which sector (level) of the economy?

El Niño

Poor Fishing off the coast of Peru, and sporadic flooding and droughts are caused by what weather phenomenon?
Middle latitude, near fertile river valley, northern hemisphere, near the coastwhat is this describing?

Where most people live


the export of crops, gold and other valuables from the Americas and the imports of diseases, slaves, and the introduction of plants and animals from the “old world” is known as what?

Columbian exchange


Accent is how the same language is spoken in different regions.______ is using different words or phrases within a language to describe the same thing in different regions



Ocean currents

Which factor effecting climate is most responsible for Washington dc being much warmer in the summer than san Francisco even though they are along the same latitude?

This is also true with Siberia, Russia

The large middle and the narrowing of the base of a population pyramid indicates that the country is what level of development?

More developed (mdc)


Urban sprawl

Spreading of cities, Longer commute times, increased pollution, decreases in wildlife are all complaints about ________ ________?


The large scale loss of the potato crop in Ireland in the 1800’s which led to starvation is an example of what term?
this type of forest has moderate rainfall temperature vary greatly and leaves fall each year
This type of forest has moderate rainfall, temperature vary greatly, and leaves fall each year

Deciduous forest