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Add a New User. Learning Objectives. Identify various data components that are required when setting up a new user Determine when the Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) will need to initiate the new user process for staff members

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Learning objectives
Learning Objectives

  • Identify various data components that are required when setting up a new user

  • Determine when the Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) will need to initiate the new user process for staff members

  • Examine the various keys and user classes that the new user may be assigned according to credentials

  • Demonstrate the steps used in establishing an electronic signature for the new user

  • Demonstrate the typical new user setup by performing the new user script

Adding a new user
Adding a New User

  • User must be entered into Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) by appropriate individuals

After entered as a user
After Entered as a User

  • How to Add a Provider

  • How to Add Other Users (Nurses, etc.)

  • Key Allocation (Order Keys)

  • Electronic Signature Code


  • Use Menu: Add/Edit Providers

  • PROVIDER key is given by the Add/Edit Providers function

  • Authorized to Write meds field set to Yes

  • Need the DEA# for narcotics

  • Sites need to make sure they have their institution DEA# stored in the Institution file

Provider electronic health record ehr ordering key
Provider Electronic Health Record (EHR) Ordering Key

  • ORD (Order Entry Configuration Menu)

  • KEY (Key Management)

  • Allocate Order Entry/Results Reporting (OE/RR) security keys

  • Providers need the ORES key

  • Do not give people more than one ordering key

Provider text integration utility tiu user class
Provider Text Integration Utility (TIU) User Class

  • TIU Maintenance Menu

  • User Class Management

  • List Membership by User

  • Enter User Name

    • Add class Corresponding to Role

      • e.g. Assign the Nurse Practitioner to the Nurse Practitioner Class

      • Need to ensure all types of providers are subclasses of the User Class Provider (see next slide)

    • Set start date back a couple of days

    • Do not enter a termination date

Patient care component pcc keys for providers
Patient Care Component (PCC) Keys for Providers

  • Providers using EHR need some or all of the BGOZ keys, except BGOZ View Only

  • BIZ keys – for Immunization Package


    • BIZ MANAGER may be needed if the provider is the immunization coordinator

  • BATZMENU – for Asthma package

  • LRLAB, LRVERIFY – to use POC labs

  • GMRA –User, GMRA – Clinic – to enter Adverse Reactions

Other users
Other Users

  • Nurses need ordering key (ORELSE)ORELSE

  • Pharmacists may need to be entered as both a CPS (ORES key) and RPh (ORELSE key)- i.e. Two separate profiles

  • All users need an appropriate TIU User class

Visit parameters for other users
Visit Parameters for Other Users

  • BGO Keys given as necessary

  • Visit parameters

Bgo keys
BGO Keys

  • BGO Keys control access to the EHR Graphical User Interface (GUI) PCC Components

  • BGO Components

    • Problem List

    • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Pick List

    • Reproductive History

    • Asthma

    • Purpose of Visit

    • Super Bill

  • BGOZ – Do not assign the BGOZ View Only if assigning other BGOZ keys!

Additional keys
Additional Keys

  • GMRA-USER – Anyone who enters allergies

  • GMRA-VERIFIER – Pharmacists or Allergy Package Owner

  • BEHOZMENU – EHR Configuration Menu for CACs and Co-CACs

  • CIAV COMPOSE and CIAV DESIGN – for VueCentric template building

  • TIUZHIS and TIUZMGR – for Chief, Management Information System (MIS), and CACs

Applies to all users
Applies to All Users

  • Electronic Signature Code

    Used to sign Notes and Orders

Electronic signature
Electronic Signature

  • User must set this up

  • User’s Toolbox - (TBOX in RPMS)

  • Electronic Signature code edit

  • Title will appear on notes and orders

  • Phone numbers will also appear

  • Signature code can be any characters 6-20, but must be entered in upper case

Clear electronic signature code
Clear Electronic Signature Code

  • User forgets signature code –

    This may happen a lot

  • Information Technology (IT)/CAC can clear it out, but they cannot “read” it since it’s encoded

  • Recommended that CAC have menu:

    Clear Electronic signature code [XUSESIG CLEAR]

  • The user must create a new signature code


  • Create new user in RPMS

  • If user is a Provider, use Add/Edit Provider Menu to complete provider setup

  • Add to appropriate TIU USER Class

  • Assign Order Key if Appropriate

  • Assign Other Keys as appropriate

  • User Creates Electronic Signature


  • User can’t add or edit problem list, POV, CPT

    • BGO keys have not been assigned, or

    • BGO View Only key has been assigned

  • User doesn’t see the signature box

    • User hasn’t created electronic signature code


  • User cannot see the proper EHR VueCentric template

    • Check to see if in correct TIU user class

  • User can’t sign orders

    • Check for Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) Order key

  • User can’t write narcotics order

    • Make sure DEA# has been entered