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Add New Page
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Add New Page Detailed Front End

  2. Add a New page When you want to add a new link on the left-hand side of your home page Add new page e.g. Web Office Workshops Screen Shots

  3. Add a New Page Once you clicked on add page , a blank pace will open. You now have to give a English and Afrikaans name. Set is as active yes. Save the page before it will display the edit content buttons. Screen Shots

  4. Add New Page Once you have created the new page and you have set it as active, it will display on your default page (home page) right at the end. When you refresh your live site, you should be able to Detailed Front End

  5. Add a New Page Front End Login at: Username and Password Click on your site e.g: Web Office Test Scroll Down Click on Add Page Complete new page information: Page name English: Web Office Workshops Page name Afrikaans: Webkantoor Werkswinkels Active: Yes Select Module: Document/ Content Save page KISS Front End & KISS Back End

  6. Typical user FAQs • How many pages/left-hand links may I add to my main page? Ideally you should remember that navigation is also important. You may add pages, but normally having ten links on the left-hand side is more than enough. 2. When adding a new page, do I have to make the page name descriptive? Yes, your page name should be descriptive, for example: Web Office News instead of just News. This is a format that Google and other search engines use. 3. When I add a page, can I select any module? You can use the News, Gallery Index, Gallery, Contact Us module. If you are comfortable with it, you can use the RSVP module. 4. When adding pages, can I order and rearrange them? Yes, you can order every page, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and rearrange them as you would like.