the early 20 th century n.
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The Early 20 th Century PowerPoint Presentation
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The Early 20 th Century

The Early 20 th Century

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The Early 20 th Century

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  1. The Early 20th Century

    Events that shaped a nation
  2. 20th Century events
  3. World War I Since 1914, France and England were at war with Germany over land disputes. The U.S. was neutral The US got involved in 1917 Germany began to fight in the water and began to sink our ships Germany encouraged Mexico to declare war on us
  4. World War I the war ended in 1918 Germany was punished After World War One ended Germany had to give up land and was banned from having armed forces
  5. The Roaring 20’s Prohibition- from battles to bottles Manufacturing & sale of alcohol was illegal 1919-1933 Stock market boomed/ Business booming!! Women’s suffrage -right to vote Bootlegging- rise of organized crime Many people became RICH! Speakeasies and Jazz became king!
  6. Stock Market Crash of 1929 What happened? October 24, 1929 Panic Effects of Stock Market Crash: Banks collapsed Economy collapsed Beginning of the Great Depression Unemployment reached 25%
  7. The Great Depression global depression of 1930s A drastic decline in the world economy Resulted in mass unemployment and widespread poverty Lasted from 1929 until 1939
  8. FDR’s New Deal Helped give Americans some hope 1933-1936 Developed Public Assistance, Public Works and Social Security programs Helped put people back to work
  9. WWII- Why did it begin? Germany believed it had been treated unfairly after WWI and wanted its land back and to protect itself- Hitler was elected and began to build up Germany’s weapons Failure of the League of Nations to stop Germany, Japan and Italy’s expansion aggression England and France’s inability to stop Germany before Hitler’s army grew stronger Germany invaded Poland
  10. Who is fighting Axis vs. Allies Germany England Italy France Japan Russia China
  11. Isolationism The U.S. Stayed out of WWII- isolationism Most Americans felt the US should stay out of foreign affairs Until Pearl Harbor….. The US stayed isolated!
  12. The U.S. gets involved in WWII The U.S. had cut off Japan’s supply of oil to punish them for taking over parts of China Japan bombed Pearl Harbor- Why? To destroy our fleet and prevent us from helping England, France and other WWII allies
  13. The Atomic Bomb!- 1945 Used in an attempt to shorten/win the war More than 200,000 killed First use of nuclear power for military purpose
  14. After the bomb1945 Japan was devastated and surrendered on September 2nd, 1945 Germany couldn’t easily fight Russia in the east, and England, France, and US in the west- Hitler Surrendered. Mussolini was captured and Italy surrendered
  15. After the War Germany was punished and split between Communist Russia (East Germany) and the other democratic countries (West Germany)
  16. The beginning of the cold war The philosophic differences between the 2 Super Powers (Communist Russia and the Democratic US) would impact much of the rest of the century!