Hq afrc a7 presentation to same
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HQ AFRC/A7 Presentation to SAME - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HQ AFRC/A7 Presentation to SAME. Col Nick Desport DA7/The Civil Engineer HQ AFRC. 1. Overview. AFRC Big Picture Energy Programs. Strategic Planning Guidance. “Plan to better Integrate our Regular, Guard and Reserve units.” “Plan for….expanded use of all variations of associate units”

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Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

HQ AFRC/A7 Presentation to SAME

Col Nick Desport

DA7/The Civil Engineer




  • AFRC Big Picture

  • Energy

  • Programs

Strategic planning guidance
Strategic Planning Guidance

“Plan to better Integrate our Regular, Guard and Reserve units.”

“Plan for….expanded use of all variations of associate units”

CSAF: “…a seamless Total Force”

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

Operational Perspective

1 of 10 MAJCOMs

Air Force Reserve Command

Global Strike


Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

Air Force Priorities

Reinvigorate the AF nuclear enterprise

Partner with the joint and coalition team to win today's fight

Develop and care for Airmen and their families

Modernize our air and space inventories, organizations and training

Recapture acquisition excellence

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

AFR Supports AF Priorities

  • Provide an Operational, Combat Ready Force while Maintaining a Strategic Reserve

    • Volunteerism, Mobilization

AF Priorities

1 & 2

  • Preserve the Viability of the Reserve Triad

    • Airmen, Family, Employers

AF Priority


  • Broaden TFI Opportunities

    • Resource Efficiency, Manpower, Organizations

AF Priorities

4 & 5

  • Champion Equipment and Facilities Modernization


AF Priorities

4 & 5


10 Host Locations – 56 Tenant Locations









Magnitude of infrastructure

AFRC occupies 20.5 million square feet at 66 locations with a replacement value of $7.4B

14.1 million Square Feet at 10 AFRC/ANG/Navy installations worth $5.0B

6.4 million square feet at 56 tenant locations worth $1.3B

10 other miscellaneous locations

AFRC represents 2.8% of AF square footage and 3.8% of AF PRV

Magnitude of Infrastructure


Afrc energy program

AFRC Energy Program a replacement value of $7.4B

Scott L. Hastings, P.E.

16 Jun 10

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

Overview a replacement value of $7.4B

  • Why the focus?

  • Past efforts

  • Current status

  • Future initiatives

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

Federal Government a replacement value of $7.4B

Fuel Consumption

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

US Armed Forces Fuel Utilization a replacement value of $7.4B

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

AF Energy Utilization a replacement value of $7.4B

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

Pillars a replacement value of $7.4B

  • AF operations require tremendous amounts of energy

    • Aviation, ground operations, and facilities

  • Reduce Demand

    • Increase efficiencies and conservation initiatives

  • Increase Supply

    • More energy available = increased energy security

  • Culture Change

    • AF Vision – “Make Energy a Consideration In All We Do”

Afrc past energy efforts
AFRC Past Energy Efforts a replacement value of $7.4B

  • FY 05 energy audits at all installations

    • Accomplished 95% of all projects from those audits

    • $14M of capital investment - saves $1.8M/year

      • 8% decrease in facility energy use

      • Demolished central steam plants

      • Lighting retrofits; HVAC controls

      • Photovoltaic at March ARB, CA – 10% of base energy

  • FY09 - $68M facility renovations included energy measures

AFRC Energy Intensity 13% below AF average!

Afrc energy reduction status

GOOD a replacement value of $7.4B

AFRC Energy Reduction Status

Goal: 30% reduction in energy use per SF at AF installations in 2015

Metric: 3% / yr. Increased energy efficiency from a 2003 baseline


Afrc audit schedule
AFRC Audit Schedule a replacement value of $7.4B

Renewable energy initiatives

FY09 AFCESA Renewables Study a replacement value of $7.4B

Dobbins, Grissom, Homestead, March, & Westover

Homestead Study Findings


Landfill gas (925% of electricity, 4.5 SIR)

Waste to Energy Plant (93% of electricity, 1.3 SIR)

Solar Energy

Flat roof mounted (0.2 SIR)

Ground mounted, titled (0.17 SIR)

Wind Energy – didn’t pass preliminary screening

Geothermal – didn’t pass preliminary screening

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Questions ? a replacement value of $7.4B

Afrc a7p programs division the big picture

AFRC A7P Programs Division a replacement value of $7.4B“The Big Picture”

Lt Col Greg Ottoman


16 June 2010

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

Programs Division Circle of Life a replacement value of $7.4B

  • Program Requirements

  • Execute Resources

  • Identify Requirements

Afrc current mission milcon funding vs requirements
AFRC Current Mission MILCON a replacement value of $7.4BFunding vs. Requirements

As of 1 June 10



Includes Current Mission MILCON, P-341, and Design

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

AFRC FY10 MILCON Projects a replacement value of $7.4B

Grissom ARB, IN

Control Tower

Niagara Falls ARS, NY

Small Arms Range

Schriever AFB, CO

Space Wing HQ

Youngstown ARS, OH

Lodging Ph2

Hill AFB, UT

Squadron Ops/AMU

Pittsburgh ARS, PA

Lodging Ph1

Charleston AFB, SC


Travis AFB, CA

C-5 Sq Ops/AGS Training

Robins AFB, GA

AFRC Band Facility

March ARB, CA

Small Arms Range

Patrick AFB, FL

ISO Dock Hgr Addn

Lackland AFB, TX

C-5 Gnd Tng School Addn

Homestead ARB, FL

Troop Feeding/CAC

Keesler AFB, MS

Aerial Port Facility

Lackland AFB, TX

Wing HQ


Fy12 pom afrc milcon ipl
FY12 POM AFRC MILCON IPL a replacement value of $7.4B

Future afrc complex
Future AFRC Complex a replacement value of $7.4B

  • Efficient use of existing land within Robins AFB

  • Houses AFRC functions currently off base in non-AT/FP compliant leases facilities

  • Provides adequate space for AFRC new mission growth operations

  • AFRC Band Facility, FY10 MCP, $7.5M

  • HQ Complex Infrastructure

  • HQ Complex Facility (Bldg 1)

  • HQ Complex Facility (Bldg 2)

  • HQ Complex Facility (Bldg 3)

  • HQ Complex Facility (Bldg 4)


Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

Facility SRM Execution ($Million) a replacement value of $7.4B

Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

AFRC “Host” Installations a replacement value of $7.4B

Niagara Falls ARS, NY

Grissom ARB, IN

Youngstown ARS, OH

Westover ARB, MA

Pittsburgh ARS, PA

Dobbins ARB, GA

March ARB, CA

Carswell NAS/JRB, TX

Homestead ARB, FL

Minn St Paul ARS, MN

  • SABER Requirement: Grissom, Homestead, March

  • IDIQ Requirement: March (pavement/paint); Carswell (pavement)


Hq afrc a7 presentation to same

AFRC Infrastructure Status a replacement value of $7.4B

Execution vehicles
Execution Vehicles a replacement value of $7.4B

  • A-E Services

    • Finalizing Award of $47.5M contract to:

      • Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

      • Gulf Coast Architectural Group Inc.

      • CEMS Engineering Inc.

      • Toland and Mizell Architects Inc.

  • COMPEC Construction Contract; Ceiling of $175.5M awarded to:

    • AECOM

    • Weston Solutions

    • Geo-Marine Inc

    • CDM/CAPE

    • ITSI

    • EMR

Questions ? a replacement value of $7.4B