theory of knowledge n.
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Theory of Knowledge PowerPoint Presentation
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Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge

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Theory of Knowledge

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  1. Theory of Knowledge The presentation

  2. ToK Presentation Explore knowledge questions raised by a significant real-life situation.

  3. ToK Presentationformats Presentation with slides Role play Interview Debate

  4. ToK PresentationMaterials Videos Slideshow Posters Questionnaires Sound recordings Websites Handouts for the audience

  5. ToK PresentationAssessment rules Approx. 10 minutes speaking time per person. Max. 30 minutes for a group. Presenter(s) must give teacher a copy of the presentation planning document before the presentation.

  6. ToK PresentationStructure An introduction describing a real-life situation and linking it to at least one knowledge question. Exploration of a knowledge questionand how it relates to the topic chosen. Statement of different perspectives on knowledge claims.

  7. Language Use ToK terminology: Ways of Knowing Areas of Knowledge Knowledge Questions Knowledge Claims

  8. Knowledge Issue = Knowledge Question

  9. ToK PresentationGlobal warming • Knowledge Question: “To what extent are predictions based on scientific evidence reliable?” • Format: team of experts, politicians and activists presents evidence and arguments, e.g. statistics, graphs, photographs, media reports, and so on.

  10. ToK PresentationWhat makes a work of art? • Knowledge issue: Could any object be called “a work of art”? What makes it “art”? • Format: Sketch in a gallery where various people talk about what's on show (humour allowed!) • Knower's perspective: talk about your own experience of artistic or creative work.

  11. Media reporting about science • Scientists claim: genetic tests can predict your chances of living to be 100! • Knowledge issue: How can we know whether scientific claims made in the media are justified? • Format: discussion of quality of newspaper article about genetic tests and ageing. • KP: Some media are more concerned with entertainment than truth. How easy is it to tell how much credibility to give to more serious reports?

  12. ToK PresentationPositive points Strong personal involvement in topic Demonstration of importance of KQ and how it might relate to other areas Encourages good audience participation both during and after the presentation