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PRESENTATION SKILLS. HOW TO DELIVER A DARS. WHAT IS PRESENTATION?. It is a way of communicating ideas & information to a group. It carries the speaker’s personality & allows immediate interaction. Report Versus Presentation. A GOOD PRESENTATION HAS:. CONTENT :

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  2. WHAT IS PRESENTATION? • It is a way of communicating ideas & information to a group. • It carries the speaker’s personality & allows immediate interaction.

  3. Report Versus Presentation

  4. A GOOD PRESENTATION HAS: • CONTENT: Information that is to be given to the audience. • PACKAGING: It must be well prepared. • HUMAN ELEMENT: Presenter should make it interesting so that it can be remembered.

  5. A GOOD PRESENTATION HAS: • STRUCTURE: Presentation has to be well structured i.e. it should have a proper start, body and conclusion so that it can be easily followed by the audience.

  6. START \ INTRODUCTION Follow this pattern: • Always start by greeting people • Introduce yourself • Use any Hadith, Ayah or any relevant incident to grab audience’s attention.

  7. BEGINNING • Use the words: ‘Lets Begin’, ‘Can we Start’ • Introduce the topic • Give aims and objectives of the presentation.

  8. BODY • Your body of presentation should be as follows: • Content should be limited. • It should be interesting • Your ideas should be linked and not written randomly • Example should be cited. • Summarize the important points.

  9. VOICE • It is the most valuable tool of a presenter! VOLUME: • You should be heard without shouting • Lower your volume to draw attention • Raise it to make a point. The Speech of Allah’s Messenger (s.a.w) was very clear, whoever heard him could understand him (clearly)[Abu Dawood] Aisha (r.a)

  10. Pitch: Your pitch should not be too high or low. Pace: Avoid talking too fast or too slow. Color: Use your emotions while presenting.

  11. WHAT IS BODY LANGUAGE? Communicating through non- verbal actions like gestures & postures is body language.

  12. Positive Body Language • Maintain Eye Contact with audience • Always Smile  • Stand straight but not too relaxed • Move to indicate the change of focus • Use pen to indicate a part • Move forward to emphasize

  13. Negative Body Language • Failure to make eye contact. • Looking at notes or screen all the time. • Staring into people’s eyes. • Back turned to audience.

  14. NERVES • Tension and fear can ruin a presentation. • Make du’a & pray Nafl Prayer before presenting. • Before the presentation visualize the room, audience and yourself giving presentation.

  15. NERVES • During presentation take a moment to yourself by getting a drink of water, take a deep breath and say to yourself ‘ I can do it!’ • Keep in mind that even best presenters make mistakes.

  16. CONCLUSION Should be as follows: • Inform the audience that you are about to close • Say something that will be remembered and is interesting • Answer the questions.

  17. ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS • Always keep time at the end of presentation for questions. • When a question is asked repeat it so that everyone can hear it and in the mean time prepare your answer in your mind. • When you don’t know the answer – its better to say that you don’t know then guessing and lying

  18. While answering, direct your answers to entire audience and not to the one who asked. • Answer should not be longer than 10-40 seconds. • If you do not know the answer be honest.

  19. GOLDEN RULES FOR PRESENTATION • Font size should be visible • Use capital letters, bold face and underlining to highlight. • Have the slides ready in order • Test the visual to see if people at back can see it.

  20. GOLDEN RULES FOR PRESENTATION • Stand at the side of screen facing audience • Do not read directly from slides. • Do not wave pointer in air. • Do not lean on podium for long periods

  21. GOLDEN RULES FOR PRESENTATION • Circulate in the room as you speak. • Vary your techniques ( lecture, debate, discussion) • Use no more than 7 lines on each slide and each line should have no more than 7 words.

  22. Concluding Du’a

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