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Presentation Software
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Presentation Software

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  1. Presentation Software By Phileo Don-Okhuofu

  2. Introduction • Presentation is the process of presenting a topic to an audience. • Use a presentation show to illustrate the presentation content. • PowerPoint is the software the majority are familiar with using.

  3. Who Uses Presentation Software? • Sales People often have to give presentation to customers, clients or managers • They need to be able to present facts and figures perhaps to let managers know sales performances or perhaps to show customers their latest products • Most medium to large sized companies have a human resource department. -They are involved in training new employees or providing training schemes for existing employees -Presentation software is regularly used as a training tool

  4. How Are Presentations Used? • A presentation can be set up to run continuously on a screen. Passers by can stop and watch for a short while. • The presentation usually loops automatically back to the beginning once it has finished. • This can be used when you want to give people information. For example, the post office use this method to inform people about their products whilst queuing. • Slides form a presentation can b printed onto acetates and used with an overhead projector

  5. Features Of Presentation Software • The software is easy to use because: • It comes with a large range of ready to use templates • There are templates online • There are a large selection of different layouts available. • A master slide is available so that you can set up things which you wish to appear on every page such as a footer or background or slide number. • The software comes with many different animation effects which can be used to add emphasis to presentations

  6. Using Multimedia in Presentations Text • Sticking to text allows the speaker to keep the audiences’ attention on them rather than distracting the audience with what is happening on the screen. Images • Images can add visual impact to a presentation. They can also help to illustrate the point that you are trying to make. • Video can be used to capture the audiences attention. • Sound affects the mood of the audience while the presentation is going on

  7. Animation And Transitions • It can be used to delay the appearance of bullet points on the screen. This helps to keep the audience focused on what is being talked about at that moment . • It can also be used to add dramatic effect. • Slide Transition: • Slide transitions can be set up to govern how you rule from one slide to another. • You can set your presentation to be timed so that it moves automatically to another slide after a certain length of time

  8. Advantages of Presentation Software • It is incredibly easy to learn how to use because it is supplied with a large library of background templates and custom layouts • Multimedia can easily be added to the presentation • Presentations are easy to edit • Presentations can be easily output to different formats • Excellent for summarizing facts

  9. Disadvantages of Presentation Software • It is difficult for the audience to take notes while the presentation is taking place, otherwise they lose concentration • Audiences are often happy to sit placidly and not interact with the presenter • Not good for presenting certain kinds of information such as complex math equations