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All about Printing, Inks Cartridges & More

Know About your printer its ink cartridges, about the remanufactured cartridges and process of making it also about 3d printing.

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All about Printing, Inks Cartridges & More

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  1. All About Printing, Inks Cartridges & More

  2. HELLO! I am Atlanticinkjet Representative I am here because I love to give informative presentations. You can get in touch with me at @inkcompany

  3. Facts

  4. 375,000,000 Inkjet Cartridges are disposed every year in US 50% When you buy an inkjet printer, the cartridges that come with only. 17,000$ The first laser printer designed for office use sold for

  5. 800+,000,000 Ink and Toner Cartridges Uses Per Year Wrold Wide which containing enough ink to fill 4 to 5 Olympic sized swimming pools

  6. Popular The Popular Printer and Ink Cartridges Brands Worldwide

  7. Popular Printer Brands Brother Canon HP Lexmark Epson Kodak

  8. POPULAR PRINTERS • Here are the top 5 Printers for home and business purpose. All these are selected on basis on the printing speed, cost, connectivity, operations and other many things.

  9. Best remanufectured INK CARTRIDGES at our store Used in this Canon 106 Toner cartridges in these Canon machines: MF6500, MF6500, MF6530, MF6531, MF6540, MF6550, MF6560, MF6580, MF6590, MF6595, MF6595cx, MF6530, MF6540, MF6540PL, MF6550PL, MF6560pl, MF6580

  10. Best remanufectured INK CARTRIDGES at our store Used this Brother LC101 ink cartridges in these Brother machines: DCP-J132W, DCP-J152W, DCP-J172W, DCP-J552DW, DCP-J752DW, MFC-J245, MFC-J285DW, MFC-J4310DW,MFC-J4410DW, MFC-J450DW, MFC-J4510DW, MFC-J4610DW, MFC-J470DW, MFC-J4710DW, MFC-J475DW, MFC-J650DW, MFC-J6520DW, MFC-J6720DW, MFC-J6920DW, MFC-J870DW, MFC-J875DW

  11. REMANUFACTURING PROCESS Know, it’s process to be a remanufactured

  12. WHAT IS REMANUFECTURED INK CARTRIDGES • A Remanufactured ink cartridges is an earlier used empty cartridges which is recycled in between the process of disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, reassembling, refilling, and quality assurance testing to get the best in quality results. • This is a nature friendly process which is origianally done used plastic ink cartridges garbage. A Remanufactured ink cartridges also helps us to save money and wastage.

  13. Once the empty ink cartridges are given back to the ink manufacture, who’s work is restocking left ink and repair or replace the parts that are damaged or not working correctly. The manufacturer checks all important elements of the cartridges which are the drum, wiper blade, corona wire, and the roller. If they found any parts to be worn out, defective, or broken, they are replaced or repaired if possible. Now the reassembled and the parts after cleaning up re-filled with desired ink. Do you know the Most of ink cartridges can be remanufactured many times before being garbage?

  14. BENIFITS OF REMANUFECTURED INK CARTRIDGES • Lower Cost • GoodQuality • Good Compatibility • Environmental Benefits There are numerous benefits of buying the remanufacture cartridges, above are few.

  15. Explore More

  16. 3D Printing Explore the all new world of 3D Printing

  17. Do You Know ? First 3D Printer in 1983-84 1,300$ Starting Prices 25$ The cost of Its Filaments

  18. How It Works • When the sliced file is uploaded in a 3D printer, the object can be created layer by layer. The 3D printer reads every slice (or 2D image) and creates the object, blending each layer with hardly any visible sign of the layers, with as a result the three dimensional object.

  19. 3DFilaments • For printing 3D object here are a lot of solid materials available like titanium, plastic and more. Explore More Amazing 3d filaments here -: 3D filaments

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