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ITS Printing Services

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ITS Printing Services 25 January, 2006 Chris Sacksteder, Agenda Who Why What was done, needs to be done How does existing system work When can you sign up Questions, Comments, Discussion Who

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its printing services

ITS Printing Services

25 January, 2006

Chris Sacksteder,

  • Who
  • Why
  • Whatwas done, needs to be done
  • How does existing system work
  • When can you sign up
  • Questions, Comments, Discussion

ITS Printing Services


ITS Printing Services Working Group

Committee formed August 2005 to propose a chargeback printing service.


  • CLC
    • Chris Sacksteder
    • John Cripe
  • ASET
    • Phil Pishioneri
    • Mark Campbell
    • Greta Armstrong
    • Jerry Mihaly
    • Robyn Wang

ITS Printing Services

  • Many units have long wanted to charge for or limit student printing(often more for printing control rather than cost recovery)
  • One campus and a couple departments at UP have been supported for a while(kinda unofficial)
  • Things change (d) when PSU Gina is (was) removed(oops)

ITS Printing Services

What . . .

. . . has been done:

  • Defined service requirements
  • Listed and understood all the components
  • Examined possible services
  • Researched technical questions
  • Developed software

. . . needs to be done:

  • Implement prototypes
  • Propose exact ITS services
  • Finish software development

ITS Printing Services

service requirements
Service Requirements


  • Printing is securea user can't easily tag a print job with someone else's userid
  • Chargeback is through the bursarstudents only, for now
  • Accommodates students' "free pages" and limitswhen they have not agreed to billed for printing via a signature station
  • Credits can be requested for spoiled jobs or jobs that did not printprocess needs to be efficient

ITS Printing Services

service requirements7
Service Requirements


  • Notification to user's workstation when the print job is done
  • Web page to query user status(free pages remaining, jobs printed, etc.)
  • Redundant print servers(automatic failover)
  • Queue management
  • Remote printing(not a CLC service yet)

ITS Printing Services

clc printing components
CLC Printing Components

The committee decided to use our existing system rather than buying or building a new system. Components that go into this system include:

  • Printers and Print Servers
      • acquisition: buying and replacing the hardware
      • network: acquiring a network interface
      • installation: connecting them to a network, defining printer and print queues on server
      • maintenance: buying and refilling paper and toner; fixing broken printers or servers; updating OS or firmware

ITS Printing Services

clc printing components cont
CLC Printing Components (cont.)
  • Printing Methods
      • LPR and SMB (domain credentials with the latter)
      • authentication (Uniprint exits and PALS)
      • authorization (Uniprint exits and PALS)
      • queue balancing (Uniprint)
      • page counting (Uniprint)
      • user notification (Uniprint and UpdtServ on Windows, "Uniprint" on Macs)

ITS Printing Services

clc printing components cont10
CLC Printing Components (cont.)
  • Queue Management
      • reassign queues to different servers
      • dynamic configuration of clients
  • User Information
      • web page to query status, job, and page count
      • web page to show print jobs and credits (under consideration)

ITS Printing Services

clc printing components cont11
CLC Printing Components (cont.)

Limits and Billing

  • signature stations, agree to billing flag (Cactus, Pals) (may move this off signature stations)
  • prepaid pages (manual, PalsDB client)
  • free pages, extra free pages (Pals)
  • page limits (Pals and Uniprint exits)
  • billing (Pals, Cactus, Bursar)
  • note: the bursar will take a % of printing income for "new" services
  • page credits (web form; manual data entry into Cactus and Pals; planned to be streamlined)
  • print charges (rates) have to be approved by the controller's office

ITS Printing Services

research questions
Research Questions

Printing from or domains with trust to

  • Can users logged into a computer with a\<userid> account connect to and print to printers in the domain?
      • From an OU in YES
      • From a child domain under YES
      • From a third forest with a trust to YES
  • All shadow accounts in have been set with name mappings for

ITS Printing Services

software development
Software Development
  • PALS: new verb SDATA for login and logout records
      • multiple keys needed for a secure signature
      • still lightweight
      • done and in production!
  • New client code
      • PSUWinlogonEvents: done
      • Macintosh OS 10 “Pals”: in production
      • Linux: tbd

ITS Printing Services

software development cont
Software Development (cont.)
  • PALS: move user data to SQL server
      • IP addresses: who is logged in where
      • Users: jobs, pages, limits
      • Add credit data
      • Print job data
      • Distributed, disconnected model: database transactions all asynchronous
      • Need 100% up time

ITS Printing Services

service scenarios
Service Scenarios

Many possibilities; a limited set needs to be defined, e.g.:

  • For departments at UP: Department buys the first printer; CLC runs servers and printers, printers are treated like lab printers and CLC gets any income.
      • easiest
      • not necessarily appropriate
  • Campus: CLC runs the Uniprint database, campus staff run the printer servers and printers; they get the money.
      • need skilled staff at location
      • need to distribute and maintain Uniprint exits

ITS Printing Services

service scenarios cont
Service Scenarios (cont.)

But in all likelihood:

  • Printing will be controlled with Pals
  • We will provide for credit requests
  • We will send data to Cactus
  • Cactus will send data to the bursar
  • Bursar will add charges to the students’ accounts

ITS Printing Services

pharos uniprint licensing
Pharos Uniprint Licensing
  • UP site license covers all at UP
  • Additional locations: $$$$$
  • ITS Computer Store is working on it
  • What is it worth to you?

ITS Printing Services

  • Prototype with College of Communications Lab . . . now
  • Convert Harrisburg this summer (?)
  • Test with other locations this summer (?)
  • Target Fall Semester 2006 (?)

ITS Printing Services

Now . . .
  • If you are interested in chargeback for color printing . . .
  • . . . and no rate is set . . .
      • HP Color LaserJet ($0.15, $0.30)
      • Epson 4000 ($1.75, $3.50)
  • Start collecting data now on consumables and begin the process for getting a rate established

ITS Printing Services

  • Who
  • Why
  • Whatwas done, needs to be done
  • How does existing system work
  • When can you sign up
  • Questions, Comments, Discussion

ITS Printing Services

questions comments
Questions? Comments?

Chris Sacksteder,

Lab Use Data Presentation

ITS Printing Services