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Arthur Carl Kanev

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Arthur Carl Kanev has it out for big Agra, especially with their heavy use and/or reliance on over-fertilization, and production of genetically modified organisms. Conventional produce has become largely dominated by GMOs, which affect the mineral and nutrient content of your food while also injecting potentially harmful chemicals and toxins into the body. This practice upsets him, as our soil, water and natural resources are becoming just as polluted as our bodies, all done for greed and profit without concern for lives and the environment .

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Arthur Carl Kanev - Humanitarian

Arthur Carl Kanev has committed his life to sharing his many benefits and abilities with others. He worked as a dentist for over twenty years, giving others the benefit of healthy mouths. He has worked as a missionary, giving people the benefit of technical education, medical and dental treatment as well as spiritual encouragement to follow Christ on a path to righteousness and salvation. Everything that he has done in his life has revolved around giving back to others.


Arthur Carl Kanev -Overseas

Arthur Carl Kanevhas made a positive impact not only in his home country, but also in many other countries. As a humanitarian and missionary both working alone and for his church, he has worked in many different countries to help people who were suffering from a lack of basic resources, in disaster conditions or just in their day to day life. He has helped others in Haiti, Central America, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Caribbean, among other regions of the world.


Arthur Carl Kanev -Pompano

As a resident of Pompano Beach, FL, Arthur Carl Kanev says there is much to enjoy about this personal slice of paradise. First, the beaches are incredible, the boating is excellent and the fishing is great. Florida is known for its warm, bath-like warm water where the sand stretches for lengthy distances into the Atlantic Ocean. The year-round warm weather is also a reason to skip the excessive packing, and just bring a swimsuit. That, along with some sunscreen, and you’ll be set for a fun vacation in Florida.


Arthur Carl Kanev - Interesting Life

Arthur Carl Kanev has many hobbies, starting with fishing. He is also interested in swimming, sailing, power boating, scuba diving, missionary work, reading, medical research and a medical consulting. He is well traveled, having been to 87 different countries so far and still counting. In his younger years he was a both a snow and water skier; as well as a hang glider and licensed Glider Pilot.