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Product & Service Assembly (PSA) Catalyst II PowerPoint Presentation
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Product & Service Assembly (PSA) Catalyst II

Product & Service Assembly (PSA) Catalyst II

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Product & Service Assembly (PSA) Catalyst II

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  1. Product & Service Assembly (PSA) Catalyst II

  2. Business Drivers • Reduce the current bottlenecks in the concept to order process, namely • Time taken to map new products requirements to existing or needed technical capabilities • Time taken to perform commercial analysis of technical service design • Time and cost to change OSS/BSS across vendors and organisations to deliver new products Product introduction moves from full scale change programme to configuration

  3. Catalyst Members SDP Fusion Siebel

  4. Mission statement • The Product and Service Assembly (PSA) Catalyst Project will produce an industry wide model that delivers a practical framework of how capabilities can be discovered, assembled into services/products and delivered • Embrace experiences from other industries, e.g. CAD/CAM in engineering and manufacturing: • Create an automated method allowing technical capabilities to be defined and discovered and quickly mapped to business requirements • Ability to assemble technical features into service and product bundles • Configure operational and business environments automatically, enabling customers to order and use these capabilities online to form unique offerings

  5. Goals of Catalyst • Phase I Delivered • Machine readable language to describe technical capabilities and how they can be assembled into services and products • Interface specification to share capabilities, services and products across multiple vendors and organisational domains • Semantics for coordinating the delivery of products and services across multiple vendor and organisational delivery engines • Phase II Goals • Create production ready standards • Create eco-systems of PSA compliant COTS

  6. PSA Phase I • Parameters • Needed from order • Returned on allocation • Rules • Validation • Compatibility • Composition • Process • Fulfilment • Assurance • Config for other systems • Activation • Billing CAD Components Complete with full CAM instructions e.g. Products, Services, Resources ActiveCatalog ComputerAidedDesign (CAD) ComputerAidedManufacture (CAM)

  7. eTOM 4.0/5.0 Customer Strategy, Infrastructure & Product Operations Infrastructure Strategy & Commit Product Operations Fulfillment Assurance Billing Lifecycle Lifecycle Support & Management Management Readiness Marketing & Offer Management Customer Relationship Management Service Development & Management Service Management & Operations Resource Development & Management Resource Management & Operations (Application, Computing and Network) (Application, Computing and Network) Supply Chain Development & Management Supplier/Partner Relationship Management Enterprise Management Enterprise EffectivenessManagement Enterprise RiskManagement Knowledge & Research Management Strategic & EnterprisePlanning Financial & AssetManagement Human ResourcesManagement Stakeholder & External Relations Management

  8. Scenario Overview • The scenario is based on a consumer oriented bundle of high value broadband media services including • VoIP: Basic voice services • IPTV: Video on Demand, broadcast etc • Basic Internet: connection to the internet

  9. Service Execution Platform VoIP Sport Movies SDP 1 SDP 2 Application Domain QoS Router Network Domain Home Gateway Phone SetTop Box Internet Customer Premise Domain

  10. Assembling Services Product Catalog Basic Premium Publish Component Specifications PSA Interface Spec Service Catalog VoIP Sport Movies Publish Component Specifications PSA Interface Spec CPE Catalog SDP Catalog 2 SDP Catalog 1 IP Core Catalog VoIP QoS Router Home Gateway Sport Movies Phone SetTop Box

  11. Delivering Services Product Catalog Notify Billling Basic Send Contract Order Components PSA Interface Spec Service Catalog Setup Assure VoIP Install Order Components PSA Interface Spec CPE Catalog SDP Catalog 1 Ship SDP Activate VoIP Phone

  12. Physical Architecture Product Active Catalog VoD (Microsoft) VoIP (Oracle) SMS/PSTN (BT SDK) Prod Cat/Inv (Siebel) Order Capture (Siebel) Billing (Convergys) Application Layer Service Active Catalog OSS/BSS Layer Router (Huawei) Svc Cat/Inv (Axioss) Order Mgmt (Axiom) Network Layer Resource Active Catalog Home Gateway (Huawei) STB (BT Vision) Phone (Huwaei) Resource Cat/Inv (Oracle/Huawei) Customer Layer

  13. Reference Material For additional information go to: • URL • PSA Phase I IIS, TMF867 • Email

  14. Catalyst Deliverables • Deliver a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) demonstration for TMW, Nice • Provide feedback on implementation experience into TMF activities, e.g. PSA Contract Submission & Landscape Project • Production ready PSA Specification and Design Guidelines