public service advertising n.
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Public Service Advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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Public Service Advertising

Public Service Advertising

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Public Service Advertising

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  1. Public Service Advertising By: Lazo Poncho

  2. What is Public Service Advertising • Also known as Public Service Announcement. • Unlike traditional commercials, Public Service Advertisements (PSA) are primarily designed to inform and educate rather than sell a product or service. • The goal of a PSA is not to make a big sale, but rather to change the publics opinion and raise awareness for a problem.

  3. History of PSA’s • Started in the US during WW2. • Official home front propaganda arm. • There where posters and radio stations that let people know about the war. • People liked the idea of informing the public about issues.

  4. 1969 is where PSA’s became really big. • There was an ad against cigarette advertising on the radio and television, • It became huge to the point where Tobacco companies started to lose money. • Then the 1980s came in with a very strong ad (brain on drugs). •

  5. Present Day issues with PSA’s • They are rarely shown on TV and more focused to show PSA’s on the internet instead. • PSA’s are getting avoided more than ever do to technology having the ability to skip commercials and pop up ads. • One final issue is that ever since the 90’s PSA’s are more targeted to the younger crowd.

  6. What's the importance of a Public Service Ad • To change the public’s opinion and raise awareness for a problem. • PSA’s are good for everyone at any age. • PSA’s go for the younger crowd because of the simplicity and kids will grow up remembering it in their heads. • The company Concerned Children’s Advisers are famous for there PSA’s because of the simplicity, catchy and memorable. •

  7. This PSA is more for adults from that deals with these consequences of aids. • The image is a very simple but it’s very affective at saying the message without giving any visuals.

  8. Are there legal implications? • Make sure that what is being said or written is the truth and cannot single out a company or brands for the PSA. • Cannot take work from another company (ex. doing the same ad but slightly different.) • When filming in an area, be sure to have legal rights to film there by letting know the owner, government or business. • Cannot lie about a product that is being incorporated in a PSA.

  9. Does a PSA require process/procedures for adherence? • Step 1: Determine what your subject is about. • Step 2: Take notes on your opinion on that subject. • Step 3: Decide whether or not you will be controversial. • Step 4: Write an outline and script. • Step 5: Find a studio and camera to tape in. • Step 6: Find a group who will watch your video and possibly get it on TV or the internet. •

  10. Financial and/or Social costs of Infringement • Depending on the PSA subject could change the Financial and/or Social costs of Infringement. • If I were to give the example of a PSA about smoking. Financial • Costs could be the amount of money being spent on cigarettes (10$ per pack) costs for hospital funs if it gets too far and money for location rights to film. • The money that is being put into the commercial is depended on what is being filmed, setting and affects. Social • Costs could be the effects on family, friends and everyone around the person. • Costs can go towards campaigns against smoking and teaching kids about the dangers of smoking.

  11. The impact of technology • With technology advancing and getting better year by year so will the PSA’s. • The commercials will be more elaborate due to technology allowing more possibility's for PSA’s • PSA’s on the internet, TV, radio, posters, possibly in movie theatres before the movie startsand Netflix could have PSA’s shown on TV and game consoles.

  12. The Future for PSA’s • PSA’s will be shone on all platforms of technology and will encourage people to create there own PSA’s for the first time even without being in a huge organization. • is an example of people doing a PSA without even being in a huge organization.

  13. TV ads • (Body Electricity) • Bullying) • (Brain on Drugs) • (The Little Things - Going Green)

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