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William “Bill” H. Orders PowerPoint Presentation
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William “Bill” H. Orders

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William “Bill” H. Orders

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  1. William “Bill” H. Orders Courtney, Emily, and Rebecca

  2. Biography William Orders was a World War II Veteran who graduated from Greenville High School in 1943. He then went on to Clemson University and graduated in 1948 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He served with the U.S. Navy from 1944- 1946 as a Gunner’s Mate on an LST. After leaving the Navy, he entered and expanded the Orders Mattress Company in Greenville. He organized the Orders Tile Company which is now known as Orders Distributing Company. The company is currently the major floor covering company in the southeast.

  3. Biography Cont’d. Today, Bill Orders is an active member in the community. He upholds a lifelong membership of Buncombe Street United Methodist Church. He is happily married to former Carolyn Lee of Manning, South Carolina, with one daughter, Nancy Orders Smith, and two granddaughters, Whitney and Lindsey.

  4. Awards & Recognition • Distinguished Service Award for Greenville (1960) • Distinguished Alumni Award – Clemson University (1977) • Order of the Palmetto (1977) • Columbia College Medallion (1988) • Distinguished Alumni Award – Greenville High School (1993) • Whitney M. Young Humanitarian Award (1997)

  5. Leadership Positions • Local Volunteer as President of Greenville Jaycees • Named National Director of Jaycees • National Chaplain of Jaycees • President of the United Fund • Member of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce • Chairman of the Greenville County Development Board • Member of the Greenville Hospital System Board of Trustees

  6. Leadership Positions Cont’d Chair and member of the: • Greenville Hospital System Foundation • Clemson University Foundation • Greenville Little Theater Board • Police Service Bureau • Greenville Tech University Center • Greenville Health Corporation

  7. More Leadership Positions • Served on the Board of Columbia College • A member of the Greenville Community Foundation • Member of the Greenwood Methodist Home • Member of the Symmes's Foundation

  8. Interview • What was Greenville High like when you attended it? “I attended Greenville High during the war years. The predominant concern of everyone was whether we would have to go into war and all.” • Did you play any sports? “I never played any competitive sports, but we had a good gym class program.” • What got you interested in starting your own business? “The independence of it all, the idea of being your own boss and being better than other people. I started out in the manufacturing mattress company, and then I went to the floor distributing business. I really like the selling better than the manufacturing. I was better at it.”

  9. Interview cont’d. • How did you know that you would become one of the names on the Greenville High Wall of Fame? “I was really surprised when I got a call from someone telling me. I didn’t think I had done anything significant, but I guess it was an accumulation of a multitude of things civic wise.” • Which one of your awards is most important to you? “I haven’t ever really tried to put one above the other. I guess it would have to be the William Whitney Award given by the Urban League.” • What do you think is your most significant accomplishment? “I have done a lot of work with education and race relations. My concern has been for education of the minority. All problems can be solved by getting people educated. I know several people that are in college now and that have benefited from this act.”

  10. Links • William Order’s Company Orders Distributing Company • Greenville High Academy Wall of Fame Wall of Fame

  11. Analysis of Orders’ Work We all agree that Orders accomplished a lot during his working years. Although he has settled down now, Orders is still a valued member of the community. Due to Mr. Orders’ work, Greenville is a better place, a place where we have higher education for all, and of course, better floors.

  12. Annotated Bibliography • Smith, Mike. “Orders Distributing Company.” Online Internet. November 9 2003. http://www.ordersdistributing.com/about.htm This website is the explanation of The Orders Distributing Company, including their goals, commitment, and abilities. • Thomas, Kathy. “Greenville High School Hall of Fame”. Online Internet. November 9 2003. http://greenvillehigh.greenville.k12.sc.us/hoffame.asp This website displays the many names that are included on the Greenville High Wall of Fame. • Orders, Bill. “Personal Interview.” November 9 2003. This Interview is helpful because it displays Orders’ many feelings on his work and achievements.

  13. Designated Jobs of the Group • Rebecca- Interview and Designing Slide Presentation • Emily- Gathering Information, Formulating and Designing Presentation • Courtney- Organizing Information and Slide Presentation