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  1. WILLIAM GILBERT By: Brena (3) Aladdy (4)

  2. Contents Page • History on William Gilbert • Inventions by William Gilbert • Discoveries by William Gilbert • What the world has benefitted from William Gilbert’s discoveries and Inventions • Sources! (:


  4. History on William Gilbert William Gilbert was an English physician and a natural philosopher. He was born on 24th May 1544 and he passed away on the 30th November 1603. He was born in Colchester. He is referred by many as the father of electrical engineering or electricity and magnetism.

  5. Inventions by William Gilbert William Gilbert invented the term “Electricity” and the versorium. A versorium is an early scientific instrument that is used to detect the presence of magnitude of electric charge on the body. It is also used to find out if an object is an insulator or a conductor.

  6. Inventions by William Gilbert William was also the person who drew the magnetic fields on the maps.

  7. Discoveries by William Gilbert William discovered that earth is a giant lodestone and thus has magnetic properties. The assertion is supported by a comparison of the earth and a lodestone (each has poles and an equator; each draws objects to itself), by an appeal to experience (lodestones are found in all parts of the earth; iron, the prime magnetic substance, lies deep within the earth), by a denial of the Aristotelian elements (elemental earth has never been found), and by ’Gilbert’s repeated statements that this new idea is so.

  8. Benefits of William’s inventions to the modern world The versorium is used for detecting X-rays, cosmic rays and radiation from radioactive materials. It can save us from disastrous effects and happenings.

  9. Benefits of William’s discoveries to the modern world William’s discovery aided the sailors because the sailors greatly depended on the magnetic fields to navigate. Without his discovery, many sailors would not be able to get an accurate reading of the compass.

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