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  1. CAHSEE Administration Training for July 2014 Department of Research and Evaluation

  2. Norms • Make this time productive for you… • Cell phones off or on vibrate • Tend to your needs: drink, stand up, leave room as needed • Ask questions, provide feedback 2

  3. AGENDA CAHSEE Requirements Test Opportunities Before Testing During Testing After Testing

  4. Important Reminders: • Train your examiners/proctors prior to the July Administration on July 22nd-ELA and July 23rd-Math • Parent Notification Letters must be sent out by the school site • R&E will provide you with a sample letter • No incoming juniors (current 10th graders) should be taking the July CAHSEE • Have not received additional CAHSEE instruction • This would be one of their two administrations for the school year 14-15 • There will be no Pre-ID • Answer documents will need to be hand-bubbled • Review IEPs for Special Education students • Make sure to complete necessary paperwork • Plan for students that need multiple days • Order special materials (Braille, Large Print, Audio CD) before deadline • Provide own staffing • Submit agenda item requests to Board on or before 6/3/14 for 6/24 Board Meeting

  5. Test Administration Reminders CN • There is an updated Manual and DFA. • Exams can only be administered on state-approved dates, including special education students. • Non-grads that need to take the CAHSEE • Refer to the next screen • What is your check-in procedure for non-grads? • Transcribe all essays onto a scannable answer document. • Use only one answer document per student. • Score Code (Box 3) must be gridded on all returned answer documents.

  6. Extra Help Staffing Needs to be submitted through Oracle’s Online Timecard and Attendanceby the Office Manager or the Employee in a timely manner

  7. Coordinator Responsibilities Before Testing Test Security Timing & Schedule Inventory Site Training

  8. CN Security • Security Agreements • Security Affidavits • All materials must be kept in a LOCKED, SECURE area

  9. Timing Test sessions must start between 8:00am and 10:00am Untimed But Not Unlimited Time • IMPORTANT! • Students must complete Session 1 before starting Session 2. After starting Session 2, students are NOT permitted to return to Session 1. (page 27 - LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual)

  10. Schedule CN • Inform parents and students about testing: • Parent Notification Letters (School Site) • Phone Calls to parents (School Site) • Breaks between sessions • Bathroom visits with monitoring • Proctors: 1 for every 25 students • Test examiners will need to provide a break for students between Sessions 1 & 2. • Short Breaks – Students should remain in the testing room unless they need to use the restroom. Students must be monitored at all times. • Extended Breaks – Examiners must collect and account for all test materials before dismissing students for the break. Materials are to be redistributed to students for the second session. (page 31 – LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual)

  11. Inventory of Testing Materials CN • Open Box 1 FIRST! • Locate the Packing List and review it • Inventory all materials • Separate special materials (Audio CD and Version 1 Test Booklets, Large Print, Braille) • Complete the Inventory Verification Form (Site Packing List) • Fax the form back within 48 hours(558-5573) • Boxes must be kept sealed. Be sure and reseal and sign tape after inventory check. • Do not distribute test booklets before the test day • Materials will arrive 5 daysbefore testing

  12. Special Materials • If Special Materials were ordered, the DFA for Special Test Versions is included with Shipment 1 (Coordinator Materials). • Large Print (packet includes the regular test booklet and answer document as well as the large print test booklet and large print answer document - one per student). • Braille (packet includes the regular test booklet and answer document as well as the Braille test booklet and Braille answer document - one per student). • Audio CD (includes two CDs-part 1 & 2 for each subject - one per class) • IMPORTANT: • The test booklets labeled Version 001 are the only booklets that should be used in conjunction with the Audio CD.

  13. CN Your Site Training CAHSEE Training is for examiners and proctors, including those assisting with coordination and special education staff • Log attendance by using a sign-in sheet • Review the Security Affidavit and have everyone sign • Test Security Affidavits must be signed. Keep one copy on file at school and return one copy to R&E. • Watch the video • Review the DFA • Directions must be read VERBATIM • Review Summary of Responsibilities for Test Examiner/Proctors • Page 3 of the LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual • Pages 4 - 5 of the DFA

  14. Your Site Training (cont) • Review accommodations/modifications in IEPs/504 Plans • Discuss Student Absence Form & importance of accurate reporting • Ensure Test Security • Verify students’ identity • Monitor students • Collect test booklets and answer docs BEFORE dismissing students • Emergency Evacuation Plan distributed and reviewed • Use the handouts you are provided

  15. Coordinator Responsibilities During Testing Test Environment During Testing Procedures Students with Disabilities Test Irregularities

  16. CN Test Environment • No instructional materials directly related to the content of the test should be visible to any students during testing • Administrators will check to verify that classroom materials have been covered or removed prior to testing • Examiners/Teachers must verify that their classroom has been cleared for testing (page 26 – LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual) • Free from noise & interruptions • Good lighting & ventilation • No scratch paper (students may use their test booklet and the blank pages in their answer document designated for scratch work) (page 27 – LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual) • Only #2 pencils • No cell phones, etc. • Must arrange for accommodations and/or modifications (i.e. separate room for students w/ “Read Aloud” in IEP/504)

  17. Students During Testing CN • Students desks MUST be cleared during testing • Please be sure that students have enough room on their desk for both the answer document and test booklet • All backpacks, purses, MP3 players, and cell phones must be on the floor • No books or magazines on desks during testing • Students must not be moved to different locations once they have started testing • Cell Phones must be silenced and put away (refer to memo from CDE)

  18. Maintaining Test Security During Testing CN • Supervise test administration and test security • Monitor all examination procedures. Administrators and additional staff should be organized to monitor. • Ensure that the appropriate number of proctors are available, planning for back-ups. • Each testing room must be visited during administration to monitor that directions are read VERBATIMAND all procedures are followed. • Materials are secure. • All materials must be accounted for BEFORE dismissing students. • Check out and check in testing materials including DFAs each day of testing (verify count and sign). • Report missing test booklets immediately. • Remember: No scratch paper can be used (students may use their test booklet and the blank pages in their answer document designated for scratch work).

  19. Issues During Testing CN • Document Attendance each day • Be prepared to submit a list of the students who must take the make-up. • Complete the Student Absence Form. • Make sure the Student Absence Form is legible, understandable, and complete. • Emergency evacuation plan posted • SDC students • Rooms • Accommodations/Modifications

  20. Accommodations/Modification Usage Form CN • All sites are required to use the most recent accommodation/modification usage form created by R&E. • This form must be completed and signed by both the test examiner and the CAHSEE Coordinator. • The form must include the student’s name, school site, grade level, and student ID number. • Staple the usage form to the top of the testing accommodation page from the IEP.

  21. Let’s Take a Look at the Most Recent Accommodation/Modification Usage Form

  22. Responsibilities During Testing CN • Special Education Teacher is responsible for offering the accommodations and/or modifications and informing the Test Site Coordinator if they were used DURING TESTING. • Test Site Coordinator is responsible for marking the answer document (Box 24). • Test Site Coordinator signature is required for any student with CAHSEE Accommodations and/or Modifications specified in their IEP/Section 504 Plan whether they usedaccommodations and/or modifications or not (Box 24).

  23. Section 24a: MUST SIGN FOR ALL IEP/Section 504 STUDENTS Section 24b: Hand-grid ONLY if student used

  24. Security Breaches Violation of the Test Security Affidavit For example: Coaching Discussing test contents Allowing students to take test materials out of designated testing area Complete a Test Security Breach Report Form on page 46 in the LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual Testing Incidents Cheating by student(s) Student became ill Student misconduct Disruptions (fire alarm, power outage, construction noise, etc.) Complete a Test Incident Report Form on page 53 in the LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual Security Breaches & Testing Incidents CN Report all suspected Security Breaches and/or Testing Incidents to Michele Cunha IMMEDIATELY Give the completed original form(s) to R&E during your return

  25. Coordinator Responsibilities After Testing Account for ALL Materials Prepare Answer Documents Score Codes After Testing Procedures

  26. Preparing Answer Documents • Do not use the Pre-ID answer document for a different student. Write “VOID” on the answer document and return it with your non-scorable materials. • Void damaged answer documents and answer documents where answers are transcribed onto another document. • Do not use two answer documents for any student. If a student with a pre-ID answer document is provided a blank answer document for one session, transcribe the student responses onto the Pre-ID answer document. • Gridding a student name in the name grid will NOT override the Pre-ID information.

  27. Preparing Answer Documents (cont) CN • Students without a Pre-ID document must be provided a blank answer document and ALL demographic information must be hand-gridded by the test coordinator. • Demographic information will be provided on Illuminate. • For students who are not on the demographic list from Illuminate, you might be able to find information on Aeries. • Refer to the handouts in your folder. • ALL student writing tasks must be recorded on the answer document. • Writing tasks submitted on separate sheets of paper will NOT be scored. • Ensure that stray marks have been erased.

  28. Score Code CN • The Score Code (Box 3) must be gridded on all returned answer documents - for both ELA and Math (page 63 -LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual). • R - Taken this portion of the test and satisfied the requirement to successfully pass the CAHSEE (scale score of 350 or higher) • S- Score • A- Absent (including illness during testing) • I - Invalidated (cheated or assisted others in cheating or to have comprised the security of the CAHSEE. This will invalidate the score for this portion of the CAHSEE.) • Z- Not Attempted (student regardless of grade is present for testing but refuses to attempt any part of the exam or is assessed with CAPA.) • THE FOLLOWING SCORE CODES ONLY APPLY TO GRADE 10: • E- Significant Medical Emergency • T- Participated in a CENSUS Administration (Grade 10 student was tested in a CENSUS Administration at your school or in another school or district). • M- Moved (Grade 10 student was not enrolled on one day of testing).

  29. PrepareNONSCORABLE Answer Documents VOID: spilled coffee-transcribed to new doc. • VOID answer documents and write reason why it was voided

  30. After Testing CN • You are responsible for correct score codes and special education coding • Separate answer documents for the following: • Students with Disabilities • Students with no Pre-ID • Make sure that all answer documents for Students with Disabilities and Students with No Pre-ID (by grade level) are placed in Band 1-Box 1 of your Scorable Materials. These documents need to be separated with dividers (you will need to provide your own dividers). • R&E will check each answer document to verify complete and accurate information. • Complete the SGID - one for each grade level and place on top of the SCORABLE answer docs. REMEMBER: make a copy of the SGID per grade level for R&E. (LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual pages 35 - 36, 54 - 56) • Separate answer documents by grade level and secure in bands of 100: • Grade 12 & Adult Students - Harvest • DO NOTuse the SGID for Adults • Review “Materials to be Returned” checklist. • Materials MUST be returned the day after testing. • Multiple Day materials MUST be returned by Friday, July 25thor Monday, July 28th (depending on 4/10 work week), 3pm SHARP • Let’s go over the return schedule. Refer to “Tips for a Successful CAHSEE Return”

  31. Timesaving Tips In order for you to have an efficient and speedy return (45 mins. or less), please do the following: • Accommodation/Modification Usage Forms are stacked in the same order as the answer documents. • Accommodation/Modification Usage Form is stapled to the accommodation page from the IEP. • Place labels on boxes. • BLUE - Scorable • PINK - Non - Scorable • Box numbers are written in pencil. • DO NOTwrite on the CAHSEE return boxes. • REMEMBER- Band Answer Documents in groups of 100 (with the exception of the special groups).

  32. Tips for a Successful Return Let’s review the “Tips for a Successful CAHSEE Return”

  33. Thank You • Michele Cunha (714) 558-5117 (x75117) • Luis Zamudio (714) 558-5851 (x75851) • General Information (714) 558-5850 (x75850) • Fax Number (714) 558-5573