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Drawing & Painting. Instructor: MARY JO MULVEY. R I V E R R I D G E H I G H S C H O O L 400 Arnold Mill Rd. Woodstock, GA 30188. Textbook: Discovering Drawing by Ted Rose Exploring Painting by Gerald Brommer and Nancy Kinne.

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visual arts

Drawing & Painting

Instructor: MARY JO MULVEY

R I V E R R I D G E H I G H S C H O O L 400 Arnold Mill Rd. Woodstock, GA 30188

Textbook: Discovering Drawing by Ted Rose

Exploring Painting by Gerald Brommer and Nancy Kinne

What Will You Learn In This Class?

This course combines Drawing I and Painting I. This course is designed to explore basic drawing and painting techniques and styles. We will study and apply the elements and principles of design. Students will also develop a greater understanding of two dimensional composition. You will review and demonstrate contour line, stippling, shading, crosshatching gridding, 1 & 2 point perspective, portraits and proportions. You will participate in both written and production activities that include art history and describing works of art using the elements and principles of design. Finally you will be introduced to the qualities and techniques of tempera, watercolors, acrylics, pastels and colored pencils.

Expectations for Students


Grading Policy

All rules, policies, and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook will be applied in our classroom.

No individual student or situation will be permitted to interfere with instruction or the learning environment. Your behavior is your responsibility and your choice. There are consequences for your actions.

Art Work ……………….……………...60%

Materials management …………. 10%

Class Work/Sketchbook …........ 20%

Final Exam ………………………....... 10%

Students are evaluated on art content and the art produced as a result of instruction.

Achievement, effort and completion are included in the grading process.

Be on time and prepared for class.

*Be seated and ready to work.

* No Electronic Devices

Have respect for others around you.

*Be polite and act in regard for other’s feelings and their work

Be attentive and follow all instructions.

*Ask permission… not assume anything.

Attempt all assignments.

*Stay focused & on task. Please do not waste time. Put forth your best effort every day.

Use equipment, computers, and materials appropriately.

*Take care of our art supplies, materials and equipment and student’s artwork. Do not waste materials, clean up after yourself and follow all safety rules. Keep our art room clean and tidy.

There is a week’s “grace period” for Graphic projects with no grade penalty. Following the grace period: work is graded “as is.” All missing work will receive a zero.

Make Up Procedures

Students may come in early to work on incomplete assignments or to get additional help. (see Ms. Mulvey)

Afternoon make up available. (see Ms. Mulvey)

This is a studio class – ISS/OSS assignments are not a replacement for studio project grades.

I am here to help you. Please talk to me if you feel you are falling behind.

Supplies Needed & Lab Fee

You should come to class everyday with 2B pencils (just your plain everyday pencil) and an eraser

You will also need a Fine Tip drawing pen or black ball-point pen and a Fine Tip Sharpie

A $10.00 lab fee is due within the first 2 weeks. This will cover a sketch book and painting supplies for the year. (Cash or check made payable to River Ridge High School)