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On-site Observation: AUP library website PowerPoint Presentation
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On-site Observation: AUP library website

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On-site Observation: AUP library website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Christine, Said, Anas. On-site Observation: AUP library website. Methodology. Interviews Library staff + AUP students. Recommendations for improvement. Gathering of data. Observation. General Questions asked about the website – AUP Students. ?.

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Library staff


AUP students

Recommendations for improvement

Gathering of data


general questions asked about the website aup students
General Questions asked about the website – AUP Students


  • What do you usually use the website for?
  • Why did you come here instead of using the website?
  • What do you like about the library website?
  • What do you dislike about it?
  • What might you want to add/change/not change to the website?
  • Can you easily navigate your way through the website?
  • Is it fairly easy to get used to?
  • Do you know where to search for online resources, books, DVDs, journals etc.?
  • Do you understand the jargon that the website uses?
  • Have you used Google Scholar before? If so, how does it compare to Library website?
general questions asked about the website library staff
General Questions asked about the website - Library staff


  • Do you use the library website?
  • If you do, can you easily navigate through it?
  • Are you familiar with the jargon the website uses?
  • Do you know how to retrieve data easily?
  • Do you think the website is useful to students?
  • Do you think students take full advantage of the website?
  • Do you think there is a reason why students would use other search engines instead of the library website?
  • What are the strengths of the library website, weaknesses?
what we found out website
What we found out: Website


  • “[Not] user friendly”
  • Not well presented and confusing to use
  • Takes quite awhile to get use to which may discourage students
  • Some jargons may confuse students


  • Students generally know where to go in the website to search but the results offered are confusing.
  • Students do not really use the Library website whenever they go to the

Library and rather use the external databases instead.



Not helpful when students are in a rush


  • First Bridge classes are not enough; not helpful nor sufficient
  • “The university should offer more than just one class (preferably in different levels) dedicated to familiarize students with the AUP library”
  • Professors should also encourage students to use online resources