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SharePoint Training PowerPoint Presentation
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SharePoint Training

SharePoint Training

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SharePoint Training

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  1. SharePoint Training Using SharePoint to Create Your Classroom Website

  2. Your New Class Website • Already exists within your school website • Totally web-based – so you can edit your site from any Internet connection • Same look and feel and navigation structure as your new school website • Layout is already provided for you • Pages exist with content areas already built in • Navigation is already provided for you • Very easy to add content

  3. SharePoint Basics

  4. What is Site Content? • Site Content consists of the following: • Pages • Web Part zones (contained in pages) • Web Parts (contained in web part zones) • Lists • Libraries

  5. Pages, Web Part Zones and Web Parts • Pages are used to display your site content • Basic pages that you will need are already there • Pages are divided into Web Part Zones • Pages already have zones added • Web Part Zones hold Web Parts • Web Parts hold your information

  6. Web Parts • Two main types of web parts • List View Web Part – directly associated to a particular list or library- configured to display the information in the list or library • Examples – Announcements, Links, Birthdays, Calendar • Stand Alone Web Part – exists and functions regardless of any list or library • Examples – Content Editor Web Part

  7. Lists • Data oriented • Have items, fields and views • Item or record – a row in a database • Field or metadata – columns in a database • Views – configured to show list items • SharePoint provides default lists • Announcements • Contacts • Discussion Board • Links • Calendar (events)

  8. Libraries • Document oriented • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and .pdf documents • Picture files, sound files, movie files • SharePoint provides default • Documents • PowerPoint slides • Images • Forms

  9. Login

  10. Login • Internet Explorer is highly recommended for editing your website.

  11. Login – cont’d • From this page, click Sign In

  12. Use the username and password on the index card. • Use the login information provided to you • Beginning tomorrow, this username will be your username for Novell, SharePoint and email. Your Novell password will not change. Login to SharePoint with your NOVELL username and password

  13. Login – cont’d

  14. Find the name of your school and click it

  15. This is the home page of your new SCHOOL website

  16. Click in the navigation box to go to the Faculty & Staff page

  17. Bottom, right – Teacher Web Site Listing • Find your website link and click it

  18. Take 2 minutesto look around your site and then please Sign out and turn off your monitor

  19. Content Area of Pages

  20. Classroom Websites Navigation areas that are on your website SUGGESTIONS of what to put there Home – the most important information that you want visitors to see first– a small part of the info may be static, but larger areas should change frequently and contain very current information Class Calendar – current week or month only Announcements – current and frequently changed Homework Due This Week Quick Links – Lunch menu News & Events – current topics, info and pictures Class Calendar Class News or Newsletter Student Showcase – Student of the Week – Citizen of the Month Class Pictures – field trip pictures, latest projects, etc. Curriculum & Assignments – information about the curriculum, your classes and assignments Course Information Course Outline/Syllabus Homework Projects Class Information – use for static information that will remain throughout the year Letter to Parents - at the beginning of the year, this could be moved to News & Events for a short period of time Daily Schedule Supply List – at the beginning of the year you could put this on the home page Wish List Rules and Procedures Grading and Attendance Policies Resources Class Documents Web Links About the Teacher Bio Picture School Home

  21. Teacher WebsiteHome Page

  22. Teacher WebsiteNews & Events

  23. Teacher WebsiteCurriculum & Assignments

  24. Teacher WebsiteClass Information

  25. Teacher WebsiteResources

  26. Teacher WebsiteAbout the Teacher

  27. Adding Content to your Site Step-by-Step Labs

  28. Site Actions View All Site Content Edit Page

  29. asasd

  30. Site Actions • Edit Page • View All Site Content

  31. View All Site Content • Snap shot view of all content in your SITE • Libraries • Lists • Pages

  32. View All Site Content – cont’d • Same as navigation on your site • Clicking on the item will take you to that page

  33. View All Site Content – cont’d • Document Libraries and Picture Libraries • Clicking on the item will take you to that library

  34. View All Site Content – cont’d • Lists • Clicking on the item will take you to that list

  35. View All Site Content – cont’d • Other areas • Clicking on the item will take you to that area

  36. Site Actions • Edit Page • View All Site Content

  37. Edit Page • To begin working on your page • Site Actions – Edit Page

  38. Anonymous view • Signed in • Edit Mode

  39. Edit Page – cont’d • Publish – You must click the Publish button for everyone else to see your changes • Save Saves your work and closes edit mode, but does not publish for everyone to see

  40. Edit Page – cont’d • In edit mode, but prior to any changes to the page • After changes and saving, but not yet published • IE message –saves but does not publish

  41. Lab 1 Site Actions Menu View All Site Content Edit Page

  42. Lab 1 Login and open your class site • Open browser to • At the Sign In screen enter your Novell username and password • Click on Schools; then click on your school • Click on Faculty & Staff; then click on your website link Click on Site Actions – (top of screen) Click on View All Site Content and answer the following questions • How many libraries do you have? _______________ • How many lists do you have? _______________ • Is there anything in your Recycle Bin? ___________ • Click on Resources (either across the top or from the nav menu on the left) and go to the Resources page • Now go back to View All Site Content • (Site Actions – View All Site Content) • Does the Site Content change if you view if from other pages? ______ Special Challenge Question - If you want to close Site Content and go back to your home page, how many different ways can you find to do that? Put your home page in edit mode (Site Actions – Edit Page) Notice the Version on the Editing Toolbar. Without making any changes to the page, click Publish. Put the page back in edit mode. What happened to the Version? Publish your page. Sign Out and turn off your monitor. LAB – Your TURN

  43. Please Sign out and turn off your monitor

  44. Edit Page Web Zones Web Parts Move Web Parts Delete Web Parts Add Web Parts

  45. Edit Page • In Edit mode • Will see all Web Zones • Will see all Web Parts that are currently there • Can modify the Web Parts that are there • Can move Web Parts • Can delete Web Parts • Can add Web Parts

  46. Web Zones • Web zones are part of the template and part of the page layout • Can’t be changed, but really doesn’t matter • If you don’t have any content in a web zone, it won’t show – other zones move over to fill in the area

  47. Web Zones – cont’d

  48. Web Parts • All pages in your sites already have web parts added • Any of these web parts can be modified • Moved • Deleted • Edited • And you can Add new web parts