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Library and Grant Resources

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Library and Grant Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Library and Grant Resources. Nancy Schaefer Reference Librarian Health Science Center Libraries University of Florida Outline. Library Services Library Resources Searching PubMed Grants Resources. Library Homepage. Services.

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Library and Grant Resources

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    1. Library and Grant Resources Nancy Schaefer Reference Librarian Health Science Center Libraries University of Florida

    2. Outline • Library Services • Library Resources • Searching PubMed • Grants Resources

    3. Library Homepage Services Resources

    4. Liaison Librarian • Want help with your information/library needs? • Contact your liaison librarian

    5. Liaison Librarian List

    6. 5 Easy Steps to Mastering Library Resources • Check the calendar of classes • Read the class description(s) • Register • Attend • Take the handout for review!

    7. Help/Tutorials • Lost in our information world? Use • Class handouts & tutorials • FAQs • Ask us ( Email Reference or RefExpress Virtual [live chat] reference) • Lost in our space? Use • Room Locator • Virtual Library Tour

    8. Services/Forms Loansome Doc orders articles electronically through PubMed (next slide.) Place Hold means a checked-out book/journal is held for you when it is returned.

    9. Loansome Doc $5/article • Don’t pay commercial vendor prices ($20+) for articles! • Order articles electronically--directly from the PubMed database. • Requires 2 registrations: • one with UF’s Health Science Center Library as your local “agent” AND • one with the National Library of Medicine • Electronic desktop delivery if • you have Adobe on your computer • library has downloading rights from publisher

    10. Super Searches Don’t risk missing key articles when submitting grants, publications, proposals! Take advantage of the Super Search Service--have a librarian perform your literature search. The first 100 citations are free, additional citations just $5 / 50

    11. Accessing from Off-Campus 3 ways to connect through UF. For instructions see the Off-Campus Access tab or button on the library’s homepage Gatorlink—charges for non-local dialup EZProxy—easy to set up. May have problems linking in and out of library web pages. VPN—great for non-shared computers

    12. What’s New? “Lost” a favorite database/e-journal? Curious about new ones being added to the library? Look under the Electronic Resources tab at What’s New to see cancellations/additions Current List of New Materials lists new books that have come into the library in the last month

    13. Library Catalog – WebLUIS You can search • just UF library holdings or • SUS (State University System—the combined holdings of all state university libraries in Florida)

    14. Journal Searching Searching the UF libraries for Clinical journals? PubMed journal title abbreviations work.  Searching UF for Basic Science titles and SUS for any journal? You must use the full journal title for an accurate picture of library holdings/links. 

    15. Library Resources • Via the library homepage’s • Quick Links (left sidebar) or • Electronic Resources tab at top right • E-Journals = the library gets at least tables of contents or abstracts, some full-text through the databases it licenses. Multidisciplinary. • Our catalog, WebLUIS, will change in a few months. Stay tuned! • Selected Web Sites (HSC librarian-evaluated) is being reconfigured for easier navigation

    16. Literature Databases • PubMed –free. Links to full-text, related articles, books and NCBI databases. Stores searches & strategies, now emails results and covers 1966-. Soon to cover 1953-. • Current Contents Connect – emails TOCs for your selected journals, allows TOC browsing • Web of Science—who cites whom, 1946- and retrieves related articles.

    17. More Literature Databases • BIOSIS databases • Biological Abstracts: life sciences, journal lit from agriculture to zoology • BA/RRM: same subjects but from books, book chapters, meetings • Grants–search by subject,$ amount, due date • NCBI Resources – genetic and bioinformatics databases and tools

    18. Specialty Lit Databases • Vet Med: CAB (Center for Agriculture & Biosciences Abstracts) • Nursing/Allied Health: CINAHL • Pharmacy: • IPA (International Pharmaceutical Abstracts) • CPOnline (Clinical Pharmacy Online) • PDR • Toxnet • Psychology/Psychiatry: • PsycINFO • PsycArticles (Limited but full-text) • HAPI (Health & Psychosocial Indicators) • Clinical Medicine • - StatRef! • - MDConsult • - EBM (Cochrane)

    19. PubMed Access Access through the UF HSCLibrary helps you access the full articles (more on this later)

    20. PubMed Main Page Click here to return to this page

    21. UF’s tutorial is better, but… PubMedSidebar Search for specific journals Search for specific topics Search with Evidence-Based filters and for Systematic Reviews Save searches, strategies here Link to MedlinePlus (patient ed)

    22. MeSH Database(formerly MeSH Browser) Suggests possible terms Click in checkbox if you want a general search on all aspects of the topic Then click on [Send to] and [Search PubMed]

    23. Add subheadings-- as many or few as you want for specific aspects of your topic Limit to articles in which this is a major topic

    24. To explode or not? Click checkbox beneath subheadings to turn off PubMed’s automatic exploding of MeSH terms. Exploding means searching for both the term and all more specific terms under it in the MeSH “tree” Broaden or narrow your search to get desired # of retrievals by using the MeSH tree’s left-to-right, general-to-specific links.

    25. Limits • Click on [Limits]. • Scroll down and use the pull-down menus to limit the number of results by • Language of article (abstracts are all in English) • Type of publication (compare to Preview/Index) • Other criteria Then click [Go] to run search with newly-applied limits

    26. Use History (won’t save in Cubby) Use Preview/Index To Combine Terms OR

    27. Cubby • Cubby is space on the National Library of Medicine (PubMed’s owner)’s server to save your search results and strategies. • Free—though you must register (also free) to access. Access through PubMed’s left sidebar Cubby tries to save your most recent search and asks you to name it.

    28. Cubby (cont’d) • Saves up to 25 searches (for 2 years+) • hyperlinked search name shows search strategy (terms and limits) or retrieves results set from last time you used strategy. • [What’s New for Selected] = # of new citations in PubMed since you last ran search. • [Delete Selected Searches] removes checked searches from Cubby. • [Select/Deselect All] checks/wipes out/updates all stored searches. Warning: Log out from publicterminals!

    29. Default results display = Summary format Abstract? Full Text? Full-text thru publisher (maybe!) Full-text thru PubMed itself Has abstract, not full-text thru PubMed/publisher No abstract, no full-text thru PubMed/publisher

    30. UF Library Online & Print icons Change the Display format from its default of Summary to Abstract to get the links to HSC’s print holdings or UF’s electronic journals list for every article in your results list. Icon for possible access to full-text through publisher

    31. Sources of full-text journals Full-text journals through databases we’ve licensed Full-text through individual journal subscriptions MDConsult database

    32. Grants Database Basic search—type and click [search] To limit, type in appropriate terms or paste from [Index]

    33. Browsing Move thru index page by page Sample Index: Program Type Skip pages in long indexes

    34. Basic Search functions Truncate with ? Combine previously-run searches (CTRL and click on search set numbers), then click AND, OR or NOT buttons To view results, highlight desired search and click [Display]

    35. Display Formats Contact Information Complete record

    36. Sort Results • Click on sort criterion • Click Ascending/Descending radio button for order • Click [Apply] • Click [Display]

    37. Clippings Click checkbox, Add to Clippings, then Clippings to view. Similar to PubMed’s Clipboard but less forgiving

    38. Advanced Search Additional “limit” options

    39. Help Page

    40. Print/Save/Email Print/Save or Email from either results page or clippings

    41. Options (only 1 available) Click in checkbox for search terms to appear in green in results. As a courtesy to other users of our limited access, please log out of database when finished. LogOut

    42. Other Grants Databases

    43. Community of Science

    44. Community of Science Simple Search

    45. COS Main Search Plus keyword type-in Sponsor, Title and Abstract fields

    46. Search/Browse Sponsors • 2 methods: • type in, hit search • click on letter

    47. COS Search by Keyword

    48. COS Results

    49. COS Output Options(at bottom of Results lists) Click and hold down CTRL to select non-adjacent items. Same procedure but with SHIFT to select adjacent items.

    50. COS Instructions (Site index)and Help Email question, get response in 24 hrs.