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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt. By Mr. Pereira. Known as “FDR”…. Born on January 30 , 1882 and was elected in 1932 as the 34 th President of the United States of America over Herbert Hoover. Also known as “FDR ”, r epresenting the initials of his name. Before He was President….

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known as fdr
Known as “FDR”…
  • Born on January 30, 1882 and was elected in 1932 as the 34th President of the United States of America over Herbert Hoover.
  • Also known as “FDR”, representing the initials of his name.
before he was president
Before He was President…
  • He was a lawyer in New York City.
  • He became a State Senator in the State of New York.
  • Assistant Secretary of the Navy under President Woodrow Wilson.
  • Governor of New York (1929-1932).
did you know that
Did you know that…
  • President Roosevelt is the only President elected 4 times into office.
  • The only President to be in a wheelchair while being in office.
  • Created many programs we use today such as The Social Security Act and other programs.
  • Acquired 8 Justices between 1933 and 1945. More than any other President in American History.
created programs part one
Created Programs… (Part One)
  • Created the Emergency Bank Act (cleaning up problems with the Banks not having money).
  • Created the Civilian Conservation Corps or CCC. (helped create temporary jobs for Americans).
created programs part two
Created Programs… (Part Two)
  • Created the Tennessee Valley Authority. (built dams and power stations, controlled floods, modernized agriculture, and home condition in Tennessee Valley).
  • Created the Social Security Act in 1935. (Relief for elderly, poor, and sick).
fireside chats
Fireside Chats
  • Before television, internet, and other sources of media; the radio was the biggest source of media.
  • President Roosevelt started fire side chats. These chats were heard by Americans on radio during the 1930’s and 1940’s as a direct link between the citizens of the United States and the President of the United States.
world war ii
World War II…
  • As President, he took a neutral view on the war overseas. America did send supplies to the Allied Power (Britain and Soviet Union).
  • After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, FDR declared war on Japan and America entered World War II.
  • The Allied Powers would win the war.
his memory live on
His memory live on…
  • Roosevelt would die in 1945 and Harry Truman (Vice President) would take his place as President.
  • Roosevelt left the country of the United States in a better place than when he entered office in 1933.
summary of fdr
Summary of FDR
  • Known as “FDR”.
  • Created many programs such as the Civilians Conservation Corps, Emergency Bank Act, Tennessee Valley Authority, Social Security Act, and many more.
  • Only President to be elected 4 times into office.
  • Held Fireside Chats on the radio.
  • Helped the Allied Powers win World War II