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Meet Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Meet Franklin Delano Roosevelt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meet Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Polio Survivor North Easterner (NY) Came from money A gifted speaker His job, starting March 4, 1933, was to restore faith in the Government and fix the nation’s economic problems – The Three R’s: Relief Recovery Reform. The First New Deal, 1933-34.

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meet franklin delano roosevelt
Meet Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Polio Survivor
  • North Easterner (NY)
  • Came from money
  • A gifted speaker
  • His job, starting March 4, 1933, was to restore faith in the Government and fix the nation’s economic problems –
  • The Three R’s:




the first new deal 1933 34

The First New Deal, 1933-34


(for people out of work)


(for American business and the economy as a whole)


(of American economic Institutions)

the first new deal 1933 341
The First New Deal (1933-34)
  • FDR pushed a large amount of legislation through Congress in his first 100 days in office:
    • FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • CCC: Civilian Conservation Corp.
    • TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority
    • NRA: National Recovery Administration
    • PWA: Public Works Administration.
fireside chats
Fireside Chats
  • March 12, 1933, the first of many “fireside chats” -
  • Radio broadcasts from the President to the American People, meant to make Americans feel more confident about and in partnership with the Government.
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This insured bank deposits up to 5,000 dollars (now 250,000)
  • If a bank goes under investors will no longer lose all of their money.
Civil Conservation Corporation.

Paid 2 million young, unmarried men to do manual labor for the Government like planting trees and building the Blue Ridge Parkway.

An organization where young men went to find work and where the money was sent to the family.

Why is this a good idea?

  • Tennessee Valley Authority. Built dams on the Tennessee river and powered the region around the Tennessee River. REGIONAL IMPROVEMENT
  • National Recover y Administration
  • Working with leaders in each major industry,, the NRA developed codes for fair competition to govern whole industries
  • Public Works Administration: Built major public Works that are still in use today. This employed millions of people, especially in the construction industry.
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act. Gave financial aid to people that would not plant land or to kill off excess stock. Meant to raise Prices.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission: Regulated Wall Street in order to prevent the same sort of thing from happening in the future.
critical thinking
Critical Thinking
  • How the role of the Federal Government change from the 1920s to the 1930s?
  • There were many critics of the New Deal. How would the following people have criticized the New Deal? Explain.
  • A conservative, big business owner
  • A socialist
  • A poor farmer or worker
entry 39
ENTRY # 39
  • Was the First New Deal successful in ending the Depression?
  • In order to analyze the question you have to consider a couple of questions:
    • First, what were the three main purposes of the first New Deal?
    • Second, what were the problems of the Great Depression that had to be solved?
    • Third, in what way and how successfully did the New Deal solve those problems?