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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The New Deal President. Political Background. In 1910 Roosevelt was elected to the New York State Senate When WWI started Roosevelt resigned from the Senate and became the A ssistant Secretary of the Navy

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franklin delano roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The New Deal President

political background
Political Background
  • In 1910 Roosevelt was elected to the New York State Senate
  • When WWI started Roosevelt resigned from the Senate and became the Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • In 1920 Roosevelt was nominated as vice president to run with James Cox but lost to the Republicans
  • In 1928 Roosevelt was elected as governor of New York and then reelected in 1930
political background1
Political Background
  • As governor Roosevelt responded to the depression by starting government welfare and temporary emergency relief administration
election of 1932
Election of 1932
  • In 1929 the stock market crashed and would send the US into the Great Depression
  • President Herbert Hoover did nothing to help the country get out of the problem it was in
  • The key issue of the election of 1932 was how to help the country get out of the Great Depression
election of 1936
Election of 1936
  • In 1936 the economy was still down and 8 million people were without jobs
  • By 1936 Roosevelt had lost most of his supporters in the business community because he supported the Wagner Act and the Social Security Act
  • The Republicans had few candidates to stand up to Roosevelt in 1936
election of 19361
Election of 1936
  • When the Republicans attacked Roosevelt he stood fast with his New Deal protecting the average American from the rich
    • Roosevelt said, “Never before have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred."
  • Roosevelt put together the “New Deal Coalition” it consisted of:
    • Catholics, blacks, northern Jews, labor union members, southern Protestants, small farmers, liberals, and radicals
  • This group would power the Democrats for the next 30 years
election of 1940
Election of 1940
  • In 1940 Roosevelt decided to run again breaking the tradition of 8 years set by George Washington
  • Roosevelt said he would only run if Europe deteriorated further
    • This was answered with the Nazis invading Western Europe and defeating France
  • The Republicans nominated Wendell L. Willkie
    • He opposed Roosevelt's public power polices but agreed with most of the New Deal legislation
    • He also agreed with Roosevelt's domestic and foreign agenda
election of 19401
Election of 1940
  • Roosevelt looked strong even though he did most of his campaigning form the White House
  • Willkie challenged that if Roosevelt won a third term then the US would surely go to war
  • Roosevelt countered this and said that he would not send America to fight in any foreign war
election of 1944
Election of 1944
  • In the middle of war Roosevelt said that he would run for a fourth term
  • In this election even Democrats who had been suspicious of Roosevelt’s liberalism were backing him
  • Roosevelt decided against running with his current Vice president fearing that it would cause problems in the party
  • He decided to run with Harry Truman who had backing form the south and big city bosses
election of 19441
Election of 1944
  • The Republicans nominated Thomas Dewey the governor from New York State
  • He attacked Roosevelt with his age saying that he was a “tired old man”
  • The war was still on and Roosevelt urged his voters not to “change horses in midstream”
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