Franklin delano roosevelt
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt. By: Kathleen Kudlinski. Acrostic poem. Frightened, didn’t want people to not vote for him because of the polio he had.

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Franklin delano roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

By: Kathleen Kudlinski

Acrostic poem
Acrostic poem

  • Frightened, didn’t want people to not vote for him because of the polio he had.

  • Runner, he liked to run a lot.

  • Assistant, was an assistant

  • Navy, Franklin was in the military

  • Knowledge, knew a lot.

  • Listened, he liked to listen to people’s opinions.

  • Intelligent, loved learning.

  • New Deal, Came up with new programs and reforms.

Franklin delano roosevelt

  • Dictator, was called dictator because he had the longest time in office. vc

  • Eleanor Roosevelt. The name of his wife .

  • Leader, lead the first March of Dimes. They sent in dimes for polio.

  • Adolf Hitler, he was planning to wipe out the Jewish during Roosevelt’s presidency.

  • New York Senate, ran for senate near 1928

  • Outgoing, he liked to do many things.

Franklin delano roosevelt

  • Reelected, Was reelected three times. time in office.

  • Outgoing. He liked to do many things.

  • Oarsmen, he liked to row a boat sometimes

  • Springs, he was born in hot springs, New York

  • Experience, F.D.R thought he had the experience to get us through WWII

  • Veteran, he saw WWI while in France.

  • Europe, one of America’s allies.

  • Lucy Mercer, Roosevelt secretly saw her while being married to Eleanor

  • Three terms, he was the first and last president to have three terms.

Cause and effect
Cause and effect time in office.

  • If Franklin Roosevelt wouldn’t have had polio, we might have not had March Of Dimes.

  • If Franklin Roosevelt didn’t die and Truman was still vice president, we might not have dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.

  • After the Pearl Harbor attack happened, Roosevelt went and saw the injured veterans. But if he didn’t see them, they probably would have thought life was over for them and they couldn’t do anything.

Interpreting vocabulary
Interpreting vocabulary time in office.

  • Polio- A disease that causes paralysis in the legs.

  • Headmaster- The person in charge of a school.

  • Normalcy- Being normal.

  • Zest- Great energy

  • Immense- Huge, large.

  • Charitable- Helping people in need for something.

  • Frantic- Fear, anxiety.

  • Reassured- To do or say something, to remove fear.

  • Discrimination- Prejudice, don’t like a certain race, person.

  • Contributions- A part played by a person