brain tidbit ii brainstem n.
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Brain Tidbit II: Brainstem PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Tidbit II: Brainstem

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Brain Tidbit II: Brainstem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brain Tidbit II: Brainstem. Medulla oblongata Pons Mesencephalon (midbrain). Cerebral hemispheres. Cerebellum. “2-oval skull” (brainstem deep and inferior). What is brainstem?. Interior inferior “core” of brain Includes all parts of brain except: Cerebral hemispheres Cerebellum

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Brain Tidbit II: Brainstem

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brain tidbit ii brainstem

Brain Tidbit II: Brainstem

Medulla oblongata


Mesencephalon (midbrain)

what is brainstem

Cerebral hemispheres


“2-oval skull”

(brainstem deep and inferior)

What is brainstem?
  • Interior inferior “core” of brain
  • Includes all parts of brain except:
    • Cerebral hemispheres
    • Cerebellum
    • Diencephalon
    • (remember “2-oval skull”)
  • Think direct autonomic control
medulla oblongata relay from the spinal cord
What is it?

Extension of spinal cord into cranial cavity

All motor and sensory information to and from peripheral nerves via spinal cord passes through

Central canal of spinal cord opens into fourth ventricle

What it does?

Autonomic nuclei control visceral activity

Cardio-vascular: heart rate, strength of heart contractions, vasomotor (blood vessel opening)

Respiratory rhythmicity center

Nuclei for Cranial Nerves VIII-XII

Relay for sensory and motor information to other brain regions

Medulla oblongata(relay from the spinal cord)
pons relay from lower to higher functions
Links higher to lower brain region

Nuclei for Cranial Nerves V-VIII

Nuclei that control respiration

Part of “metencephalon”

Pons (relay from “lower” to “higher” functions)
midbrain mesencephalon integration of information for reflexive movements
Midbrain/Mesencephalon(integration of information for reflexive movements)
  • Superior to pons
  • Deep within brain
  • Superior and inferior colliculi—initiate reflexive responses to visual and auditory input
  • Substantia nigra and red nuclei (basal ganglia)—background skeletal muscle tone
  • Nuclei for Cranial Nerves III, IV