av vga detachable cabling system l.
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AV & VGA Detachable Cabling System PowerPoint Presentation
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AV & VGA Detachable Cabling System

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AV & VGA Detachable Cabling System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AV & VGA Detachable Cabling System Audio/video base cables, pigtails, and wallplates Reviewing the RapidRun system Detachable interconnect system for A/V & VGA cables Save termination hassle during installation Opens new opportunities for contractors & installers

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av vga detachable cabling system

AV & VGA Detachable Cabling System

Audio/video base cables, pigtails, and wallplates

reviewing the rapidrun system
Reviewing the RapidRun system
  • Detachable interconnect system for A/V & VGA cables
  • Save termination hassle during installation
  • Opens new opportunities for contractors & installers
  • Flexible—many connector options, signals can be combined over one cable
  • Modular—easy to upgrade as applications change
  • Attractive pricing—good opportunity for profit
who can use rapidrun
Who can use RapidRun?
  • A/V installers
  • Contractors/builders requiring pre-wired VGA or A/V cabling
  • Data installers wishing to “cross-over” into A/V
  • Types of end-users:
    • Educational institutions
    • Conference rooms
    • Training facilities
    • Retail stores
    • Houses of worship
    • Residential home theaters
how to identify potential rapidrun customers
How to identify potential RapidRun customers
  • Anyone who is buying the following:
    • Bulk VGA/UXGA cable
    • Bulk 5 coax/3 coax cable
    • Plenum VGA cables
    • Raw AV connectors (RCA, HD15)
    • A/V or VGA wallplates
    • Any long-length AV cables
      • RCA
      • S-video
      • Component video
      • VGA
  • These are candidates for RapidRun instead!
why do we need this product
Why do we need this product?
  • Less termination headaches
  • High performance
  • Saves installers time on large projects
    • No need to field-terminate VGA and AV connections
    • Time = $$$!!
  • Flexibility
    • Connections can change with applications
without rapidrun
Without RapidRun
  • A/V and VGA bulk cable pulled without connectors, then terminated at each drop
    • Field terminations might be difficult
      • Solder
      • Screw-down terminals
    • Field terminations may also affect performance
      • Inconsistent shielding, grounding practices
  • If applications change, new cable must be run
with rapidrun
With RapidRun
  • Installer pulls base cable
    • Includes pulling cap on each end
      • Protection
      • Ease of use
      • ¾” conduit with 90° sweep
      • 15 lbs of pulling tension
  • Then, terminates to pigtail or wallplate with easy-to-use MUVI connector
  • Termination is clean, sturdy, and takes only seconds
how does it work
How does it work?
  • The system consists of two major components
    • Base cable
    • Break-Away
      • Pigtail or wallplate
  • Installer plans wiring strategy, decides which signals will be used
    • Select base cable
    • Choose the proper Break-Aways accordingly
  • MUVI connectors make termination easy
what kind of signals
What kind of signals?
  • A/V
    • Composite video (VCR, camera)
    • S-video (DVD, PC)
    • Component video (DVD, HD tuner)
    • Line-level audio (Stereo)
    • Digital audio (SP/DIF)
    • HD15 connector (PC monitor)
    • 5 BNC connector (RGBHV)
base cables
Base cables
  • Available in two versions
    • UXGA 3 Mini-coax, 3 Twisted-pair, 2 conductors PVC
      • 15 pin connector
      • Dual foil and braid shield
    • 5 Mini-coax PVC
      • 12 pin connector
      • Dual foil and braid shield
  • Plenum jackets also available
  • Stock lengths
    • 15ft
    • 25ft
    • 35ft
    • 50ft
    • 75ft
    • 100ft
    • 125ft
    • 150ft
which base cable do i use
Which base cable do I use?
  • Determine the type of signals that will be carried
  • A/V applications
    • Use 5 Mini-coax base cable
  • VGA applications
    • Use UXGA base cable
  • Future-proofing
    • Run one of each
break aways pigtails wallplates
Break-aways (pigtails /wallplates)
  • RapidRun connector on one end
  • Different connector combos available on other end
    • HD15
    • RCA
    • S-video (4-pin Mini DIN)
    • BNC
the rapidrun muvi connector
The RapidRun MUVI connector
  • Multiple Use Versatile Interconnect
  • Solder terminations
  • Brass contact terminals
  • Bright nickel plated finish
  • Precision CNC machined connectors
  • Extremely simple to attach with unique locking mechanism that tightens from either end
  • Loss-less connection without compromising the characteristic impedance or properties of the signal
  • Pulling eye cap also protects connectors from dirt, dust and oil during installations.
what it means for you
What it means for you:
  • Flexibility
    • Base cables can be used with many connector/signal types
  • Affordability
    • Your customer sees very attractive pricing vs. substitute solutions
  • Convenience & ease of use
    • MUVI connectors eliminate complicated field termination
    • Lets any data installer get started with A/V
  • Unique in marketplace
    • Offers your customers an efficient, one-of-a-kind solution
    • Award-winning product—CEA TechHome Mark of Excellence
  • Repeat business
    • Break-aways can be upgraded as applications change
  • What kind of connector is that?
    • This is a proprietary circular DIN-style connector. It can be referred to as a MUVI Connector”.
  • Can I get custom lengths?
    • Yes, custom-lengths will be available.
  • What about plenum jackets?
    • Some plenum-jacketed cables will be stocked, in various lengths. Custom-built lengths will also be available.
  • How is the connector terminated?
    • The conductors of the cable are soldered securely to the RapidRun connector. This is standard practice for factory-assembled cables, and results in a high-performance, highly stable connection.
more faqs
More FAQs
  • How large of a conduit can I put it in?
    • 3/4” conduit, with a factory 90° sweep.
  • How long of a cable can I have?
    • Many factors can affect maximum cable length. For most applications, picture quality is maintained up to 150 feet. Analog A/V (composite, S-video, YPbPr), applications can sometime exceed this, going to 200 feet and beyond. The longest base cables that will be stocked are 150-footers.
  • Does it support Hi-Def?
    • Supports UXGA & YPbPr analog video, both of which support HD resolutions (including 720p and1080i). Length considerations should always be taken into account.
the last of the faqs
  • How strong is the pulling eye?
    • The factory has tested the strength of the ring on the pulling eye, and pulling force should not exceed 15 lbs. If stronger pulling force is needed, a pulling aid that attaches to the wire itself can be used.
  • Who needs the RapidRun system?
    • Hotels, banquet centers, exhibition halls, convention centers, training rooms, presentation areas, houses of worship, conference rooms, classrooms, high-end home theater installations, auditoriums, transportation terminals, retail stores, etc.