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PowerPoint. Lesson 1: Creating and Editing a Presentation. What is PowerPoint?. Complete presentation graphics program Allows you to produce professional looking presentations Also called a slide show. PowerPoint Features…. Word Processing Outlining Charting Drawing

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. PowerPoint Lesson 1: Creating and Editing a Presentation

    2. What is PowerPoint? Complete presentation graphics program Allows you to produce professional looking presentations Also called a slide show

    3. PowerPoint Features… • Word Processing • Outlining • Charting • Drawing • Inserting Multimedia • Saving to Web • E-Mailing • Collaborating • Preparing Delivery

    4. Overview • Find the appropriate theme • Choose words for each slide • Less is more (7x7) • Format specific elements • Determine where to save

    5. PowerPoint Notes Slide: basic unit of presentation Layouts: used to position content on the slide Title Slide: introduce presentation to audience Landscape: default orientation Placeholders: boxes with dotted or hatch marked borders that are displayed when you create a new slide

    6. Choosing a Document Theme • Gives a presentation a professional and consistent appearance • Includes: • Set of colors • Heading and context text font • Lines and fill effects • Use the Design Tab

    7. Creating a Title Slide Gives your audience an initial sense of what they are about to see and hear Important to choose the text for this slide carefully Create an interesting and curious title

    8. Paragraphs A segment of text with the same format that begins when you press ENTER and ends when you press ENTER Level: a position within a structure, such as an outline, that indicates the magnitude of importance PPT allows for five levels TAB and SHIFT TAB

    9. Multi-Level Bulleted List Slide A slide that consists of more than one level of bulleted text Increase and Decrease indents Promoting: creating higher-level paragraphs Demoting: creating lower-level paragraphs

    10. Starting Slide Show • Slide Show View: • Button is in the lower right corner • F5

    11. Printing a Presentation • Useful for many reasons: • Proofreading • Someone could not attend your presentation • Copies for audience • Reference material if you lose your data • Note taking