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GEMI Quick Survey Results: Employee Environmental Awareness PowerPoint Presentation
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GEMI Quick Survey Results: Employee Environmental Awareness

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GEMI Quick Survey Results: Employee Environmental Awareness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GEMI Quick Survey Results: Employee Environmental Awareness. GEMI Membership Meeting Orlando, FL January 17, 2002 Facilitated by: Dean Miracle, Southern Co. {13 Companies Participated}.

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gemi quick survey results employee environmental awareness

GEMI Quick Survey Results: Employee Environmental Awareness

GEMI Membership Meeting

Orlando, FL

January 17, 2002

Facilitated by: Dean Miracle, Southern Co.

{13 Companies Participated}

1a. What Methods Do You Feel Are Most Effective in Communicating Environmental Messages to Your Employees? (Check ALL that apply)

NOTE: Results shown above indicate the percentage of respondents that indicated that communication source as a preferred method. Items listed under the “Other” topic have been included in the summary results for Question #3.

2. Do Your Employees Receive Questions From Friends & Neighbors About the Impact of Your Company on the Environment?
Environmental newsletter


Daily electronic newsletters

Kiosk TVs

Manager’s goals for variable compensation

Posters—large & highly visible displays in company locations

Environmental contests

Interactive training programs

Cafeteria “tent” cards

Employee ID Badge attachments

Annual EH&S report

Executive speeches

External articles

Annual financial report

Brown Bag lunches

Community volunteer projects

Hard hat stickers

Interactive training games

Environmental events surrounding Earth Day

3. What Creative or Educational Methods are You Utilizing to Communicate Environmental Messages to Your Employees?

4. Are Your Communications Intended to Focus on Getting Information to Your Employees or Do Your Expect Them to Carry a Message to Their Community?

  • Communication to and through employees is our goal.
  • Carry information to communities, especially through managers.
  • Not a well developed area yet.
  • Employees are a high priority audience and may be called upon to represent the company in public forums.
  • Focus on what employees can do at work and home. Long term goal is to inform employees enough about what we do as a company that they can act as ambassadors for the company to the public.
  • Both (several responses).
6 what are the most significant environmental issues facing your company
6. What are the Most Significant Environmental Issues Facing Your Company?
  • Air emissions
  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Energy reduction
  • Takeback and materials in concern
  • TRI
  • Global Climate Issues
  • Security/Workplace Safety
  • Employee awareness
7. Have You Been Able to Document Any Measurable Benefit From Your Employee Environmental Communications Effort.If YES, in What Way?

Yes: 60% No: 40%

  • Measuring environmental website hits
  • Annual employee opinion surveys
  • Quarterly documentation of compliance
  • Annual EH&S progress report
  • Goals for managers and supervisors
  • Shorter cycle time for permit approvals
  • Better community relationships
8. Do Your Employees Want to be More Informed About the Environmental Issues Facing Your Company or Industry?

Yes 50% Not much request 20%

Some 10% Don’t Know 20%

  • Employees are interested in environmental information, but they do not always know where to find the information.
  • The difficulty is getting employees interested in environmental issues.
  • Many employees feel strong about environmental issues and want to deliver the message.
  • Environmental interest is not high, safety is a bigger issue.
  • Has not been raised as a major issue.

9. When You Have Multiple or Complex Environmental Information That You Would Like to Communicate to Your Employees, What Communication Methods Seem to Have the Greatest Impact & Most Retention?

  • Daily electronic newsletters
  • Top management speeches/presentations
  • Environmental training programs
  • Annual Environmental conference
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Manager/Supervisor communication
  • Large scale community activities

10. In Order to Garner Employee Interest, Do You Share Specifics of the Potential Economic or Other Business Risks Associated With Environmental Issues?

Yes 80% No 20%

10 cont d have you found this to be effective
10. (cont’d) Have you found this to be effective?

Yes 30% Somewhat 50% Unknown 20%

  • People understand the economic benefits and can relate to those messages
  • Somewhat (several responses)
  • These must be thoughtfully considered before communicating
  • Must be used to reinforce rather than confuse the message
  • Most of the time
  • Fines for non-compliance
  • Unknown (several responses)
  • Information is published through EH&S report
  • Especially when concerning compliance issues
  • If people are not attuned to the environmental benefit, typically they are attuned to the economic benefits.