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Drug Awareness PowerPoint Presentation
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Drug Awareness

Drug Awareness

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Drug Awareness

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  1. Drug Awareness Cst. Kevin Foley Community Service 709-729-8672 What's Current?

  2. Student drug use survey 2012 Nova Scotia

  3. Drug Categories CNS Depressants CNS Stimulants Hallucinogens Cannabis Opioid Analgesics (Narcotics) Inhalants Anabolic Steroids

  4. Depressants Slows down or depression of the Central Nervous system False sense of confidence Inhibitions are lowered Thinking, speaking slower More energy (initially) Alcohol Librium Rohypnol Valium Ativan GHB Ketamine DXM

  5. Stimulant Drugs Speeds up or excites the central nervous system Euphoria Suppresses appetite Increases alertness, endurance and energy Psychological and physical dependence can develop • Cocaine • Crack Cocaine • Crystal Meth • Ritalin • Nicotine • Caffeine

  6. Narcotics / Opiates Highly addictive painkillers Produces a sense of euphoria or well being Alters perception Physical and psychologically addictive Heroin Hydromorphone Morphine Fentanyl Codeine Opium Methadone Percocet/ Percodan Oxycontin (Oxycodone) Dilaudid

  7. Hallucinogens Affects the mind and the senses Cause hallucinations and distort one’s sense of reality Affects perception, emotion and mental processes Psychological dependence LSD ( Acid) Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) PCP Peyote Mescaline

  8. Inhalants Depressant drugs Produce feelings of euphoria, light headedness Slow down the body functions such as breathing Use can cause brain damage and death • Gasoline • Shoe polish • Paint remover • Hair spray • Liquid paper

  9. What is the most abused Drug in the world today?

  10. Alcohol Is the most widely abused substance in the world. There are 76.3 million persons in the world with Alcohol abuse disorders Alcohol causes 2 million deaths annually.

  11. Cannabis The most used illegal substance in Canada Marijuana, Hashish, Hash Oil Honey Oil & Weed Oil THC is the psychoactive ingredient THC levels much higher today

  12. THC Levels 30 years ago 3% to 5% THC TO DATE 31% THC The Norm 15% to 20% THC

  13. Cannabis Alters mood, thinking, perceptions, behavior “Laid back” and/ or paranoid Short term memory effected Motivation impacted: a motivational syndrome Physical & Psychological dependence can develop Senses affected - increase Increased Heart Rate Red/Bloodshot eyes/dry mouth Increased appetite

  14. Cannabis Marijuana LONG TERM EFFECTS • Addiction (physical & psychological) • Paranoia • Personal potential not met • Persistent anxiety • Impairs learning skills • Memory difficulties

  15. Cannabis Marijuana Cost:$20- gram ( 1 gram = 2-3 joints) ( 1 joint = 2 hr. high) $320 to $350 - oz.

  16. STREET Names • Pot Weed • Grass MaryJane • Green Bud • Dope Hydro

  17. Packaging

  18. Cocaine Crystalline Powder and Crack Cocaine From leaves of Coca bush in South America Snorted, injected or smoked Effects last 3 - 4 hours if snorted Effects last 10 minutes if smoked (Crack)

  19. Adulterants added to cocaine • Dextros “Vitiman C” • Baking Soda Lidocaine • Novacain Benzocaine • Talcum Powder Baby Laxative • Ajax • Lavamsole Other Drugs

  20. Cocaine & Levamisole • Antiparasitic drug used by veterinarians to treat worm infestations • Authorities believe the drug is added in Columbia • DEA testing laboratories report that more than 70% of the illicit cocaine analyzed in 2009 was positive for levamisole (up from 30% in 2008)

  21. Cocaine & Levamisole • almost 80% who test positive for cocaine also test positive for levamisole • Sept 2009 - 20 confirmed or probable cases of agranulocytosis, including 2 deaths (an acute febrile condition marked by severe decrease in white blood cells) • Doctors who treat drug overdoses at times have no idea this is going on.

  22. Levamisole Symptoms • It weakens the body’s immune system and leaves • patients vulnerable to infections which Include: • high fever • swollen glands • painful sores on the mouth or anus • lingering infections, including sore throat • mouth sores • skin infections • Abscesses • pneumonia

  23. PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTSof Cocaine Increases Alertness Wakefulness Concentration & energy Irritability & restlessness Elevates the mood mild/high euphoria Decreases fatigue (insomnia) High doses may exhibit a pattern of psychosis fear paranoia hallucinations confused and disorganized behavior May become extremely antisocial and aggressive

  24. PHYSICAL EFFECTS Increases heart rate blood pressure body temperature speed of respiration sweating Decreases sleep appetite seizure threshold Associated with seizures, strokes, and heart attacks.

  25. Packaging

  26. $$Cocaine Prices$$ Cocaine (Powder) $40 ½ gm $80 gm $220 8 ball 1/8 oz $1100 - $1600 oz Crack (Rock) $50 - .3 gm (one hit) 10 minute duration

  27. Acid (LSD) Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Hallucinogen Sold in paper blotter or micro-dot tablets $5 a hit Synthesized from fungus grown on grain Effects last 5 to 12 hours Can cause serious and lasting mental illness

  28. Acid (LSD) The effects of LSD are unpredictable Depends Amount taken Personality Mood Expectations Surroundings Effects Felt 30-90 minutes Dilated pupils Higher body temperature Increased heart rate and blood pressure Sweating loss of appetite Sleeplessness Dry mouth Tremors.

  29. PSILOCYBIN“Magic Mushrooms” Restricted Drug Fungi - mushroom Effects last several hours Effects Same as L.S.D.

  30. PSILOCYBIN Hallucinogenic Classified chemically as Tryptamines Most mushrooms are found in nature, but can also be produced in Clandestine Labs Doses of 10 to 20 mg. produce; muscle relaxation dilation of pupils vivid visual and auditory distortions emotional disturbance

  31. Signs & Symptoms • Dilated Pupils • Warm Skin • Excessive Perspiration • Body Odor • Distorted senses (sight, hearing, & touch) • Distorted image of self • Distorted sense of time perception • Impaired Coordination • Mood & Behaviour Changes • Aggressive Behaviour • Elevated Heart Rate/Blood Pressure • Unpredictable Flashback • Confusion/Disorientation • Euphoria

  32. Street Names • Boomers • Magic mushroom • Shrooms • Musk • Sherm • Silly putty • Simple simon

  33. KETAMINE (Special K) Powerful tranquilizer Powder or liquid form Last up to 2 hours Snorted in powder form Creates dreamy, floating sensation Numbness in extremities Can be used as a date rape drug

  34. KETAMINE Similar to phencyclidine (PCP) Molecule & creates similar effects Low doses (25-100mg) known as “K-Land,” a mellow, colorful “wonder world” Higher doses known as K-Hole, out of body, near-death experience No feeling of pain, cause injury May relieve tension and anxiety Purported to be a sexual stimulant 1 Gram can cause Death ‘High' usually last 1 hour, can last 4-6 hrs 24-48 hours "normal" again physical and/or psychological dependence can occur

  35. GHB (GAMMA-HYDROXYBUTYRATE) Gamma Butyrolactone (GBL) – industrial solvent in paint thinners & wood strippers Sodium Hydroxide – Lye, drain openers Liquid, white powder, tablet, capsule Can be mixed with liquids & difficult to detect Odourless but alone it has a soapy or salty taste Last up to 4 hours

  36. GHB (GAMMA-HYDROXYBUTYRATE) Induces state of relaxation Euphoric effects Known as G, liquid X, caps, scoop, goop, Georgia Home Boy, Grievous Bodily Harm. No trace 24 to 48 hours Also a Date Rape Drug

  37. Ecstasy(MDMA) Powerful stimulant related to Methamphetamine Stimulates the release of Serotonin Classified as both a stimulant / hallucinogen High lasts 1 to 6 hours Known as the Love Drug or Club Drug Colors, shapes, symbols or logos, appealing giving false impression it is safe 80% seized are other drugs $5 to $15 pill

  38. BZP, TFMPP, Foxy Methoxy

  39. BZP, TFMPP, Foxy Methoxy Used Antiparasitic Drug to get rid of Fleas & Ticks in sheep herds. Used as single chemical or combination to mimic the effects of Ecstasy. Does not last as long and is extremely toxic to internal organs especially the liver

  40. Ecstasy(MDMA) Increased heart rate Increased blood pressure Increased body temperature Jaw and teeth clenching/muscle tension Hypertension Dehydration Chills and/or Sweating Nausea Blurred vision Faintness Dizziness Confusion Insomnia Paranoia

  41. Ecstasy(MDMA) MEDICAL COMPLICATIONS: LARGE DOSE Muscle breakdown Hyperthermia kidney failure Heart attack LONG TERM Depression Sleep disorders Paranoia Drug craving Persistent elevation of anxiety Liver damage Brain damage Paralysis Possible others pending research

  42. Street Names • E XTC • Rolls Adam • The Club Drug Designer Drug • The Party Drug Hug Drug • Disco Biscuits White Doves • New Yorkers Love Drug • Lover’s speed Bombs

  43. BATH SALTS Available since 2007 Popular at rave & dance clubs in Europe and the UK No withdrawal effects Sold online usually as plant food or bath salts

  44. Bath Salts • A very scary stimulant with psychoactive Properties. The chemicals are synthetic derivatives of Cathinone: • MDPV - Methylenedioxypyrovalerone • Mephedrone - methylmethcathinone • Methylone – Methylenedioxymethcathinone • Flephedrone • Pryovalerone

  45. 2CB, 2CE, 2CI

  46. Physical/Psychological Effects Possible psychological addiction Effects can last 2 to 4 hours depending on method of ingestion Effects within 2 to 15 min.

  47. Bath Salts Sold in powder form in in small plastic or foil packages 200 to 500 mg/package. Powder varies from fine white, off white, or slightly yellow. Also found in Tablet or capsule form Sold on internet $25 to $50 Sell on the Internet for $25.00 to $50.00

  48. Physical/Psychological EFFECTS • Agitation Paranoia/delusions • Insomnia Irritability • Dizziness Depression • Hallucinations Chest pain • Suicide High blood pressure • Increased pulse rate Nose bleeds • Nose burns Nausea • Vomiting Anxiety • Sweating Dilated pupils • Aggression Cold or blue fingers User also report impaired perception of reality, reduced motor control and decreased ability to think clearly.

  49. How It’s Used Snorted Taken as a pill Injected Mixed in a drink It's rarely smoked

  50. Bath SALTS Street names: Drone Bubbles Meow Meow Molly 4-MMC MCAT MM-cat Stardust Krabba Sunshine Ivory Wave Purple Wave Vanilla Sky Bliss