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PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations http://www.usask.ca/education/coursework/powerpoint/ Today's Menu Presentation tips Text and graphics Text animation and slide transitions Where to learn about PowerPoint Using and booking media carts Disaster - what to do Navigating through the presentation

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PowerPoint Presentations

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  1. PowerPoint Presentations http://www.usask.ca/education/coursework/powerpoint/

  2. Today's Menu • Presentation tips • Text and graphics • Text animation and slide transitions • Where to learn about PowerPoint • Using and booking media carts • Disaster - what to do • Navigating through the presentation • Printing slides • Scanning for PowerPoint • Basic PowerPoint demo

  3. Presentation Tips • Know your audience • Decide what your message is • Practice your presentation • Time your presentation • be prepared to skip less important material if time is running out

  4. Presentation Tips • Have critical software on disk • A copy of your presentation • PowerPoint player • Have an alternative plan • Overheads • Handouts • Web presentation

  5. Presentation Tips • Test your presentation on the equipment you will be using • Make sure your presentation runs on the equipment • Get accustomed to the features of the room

  6. Presentation Tips • Lighting • Locate the switches • Is there enough light to write notes • Enough light for you to read notes • Visuals • Can the person at the back of the room see the screen?

  7. Presentation Tips • Sound • Can the person at the back hear you? • Getting help • Identify how to get help with the room if there are problems

  8. PowerPoint Text Guidelines • WORDS IN ALL CAPITALS ARE HARD TO READ • Limit punctuation marks !!!! • San serif fonts are easier to read than serif fonts or narrow fonts • Some sources suggest a san serif font for the title and serif fonts for the body

  9. PowerPoint Text Guidelines • Use 6 to 7 words per line • No more than 5 or 6 lines a slide • Font size ranges from 18 - 48 point • Fancy fonts can be hard to read and may not be on all computers

  10. PowerPoint Text Guidelines • Suggested fonts are Verdana and Arial • Use no more than 2 or 3 colours • Use light font on dark background and vice versa • Light font on light background

  11. Powerpoint Clip Art and Graphics • Should balance the slide • Should enhance and complement the text, not overwhelm • No more than two graphics per slide • May be charts, graphs, clip art, digital photos, scanned images

  12. Powerpoint Clip Art and Graphics • Avoid huge Powerpoint files by importing "small" graphics • i.e. 50 KB not 5 M • Use software such as Photoshop Elements to reduce the size of graphics before importing them into PowerPoint

  13. Empty Space Helps Focus

  14. Text Animation and Slide Transitions • Slide Transitions • Effects which occur when you move from one slide to another • Text Animation • How the text enters and exits the screen • Try to remain consistent • Over-animation can become irritating

  15. Learn about PowerPoint • Start simple, many features are the same as Word or WordPerfect • Look on the Internet • Grab a book • Check out the ITS free classes

  16. ITS PowerPoint Classes • http://www.usask.ca/its/courses/index.html • Introduction to PowerPoint • Advanced Classes • Transition and animation • Template development • Clip art and Pictures • Web-oriented presentations • Customizing the PowerPoint Environment • Using multimedia • Word to PowerPoint

  17. Booking and Using Media Carts • Media carts • Computer • Data Projector

  18. Division of Media and TechnologyMedia Carts • DMT Location: Rm 38 Education • Permission slip signed by instructor • Book early • Will deliver and pick up • Phone: 966-4263

  19. College of Education Media Carts • Not part of DMT • For Education Faculty • Faculty can book when they are having students do presentations • Three carts, two with PC's and one with a MAC

  20. Apparent Disaster Strikes! • You Start up the PC and see nothing on the screen!

  21. Apparent Disaster Strikes! • Some laptop PCs allow you to toggle the screen between modes • On the PC screen only • On the projector screen only • On the PC and projector screen • There is usually a Function Key that allows you to toggle thru these modes

  22. Apparent Disaster Strikes! Click Function and F5 on the Toshiba to toggle through screen modes.

  23. Apparent Disaster Strikes! Is the computer connected to the right port on the projector?

  24. Apparent Disaster Strikes! Is the projector in the right mode?

  25. Apparent Disaster Strikes • The computer freezes • Can occur if you don't let the computer complete entire song and dance when booting up. • Reboot the computer.

  26. Navigating the Presentation • To start show at beginning • use the menu bar at the top of the screen: Slide Show  view show or • Use F5 key • Navigate show by: • Left clicking mouse or • Use keyboard arrow keys or • Right click mouse and use menu or • Move mouse to bottom left corner of screen and use the popup menu

  27. Ending the Show • To end show • Touch esc key on top left of keyboard or • Right click mouse and choose End Show or • Move mouse to bottom left corner of screen and use pop up menu

  28. Printing Slides • Print full slide for overheads • Print 2, 3 or 6 slides per page for student notes

  29. Printer Screen for Lexmark Printers

  30. Printer Screen for Lexmark Printers

  31. Printer Screen for Lexmark Printers

  32. Scanning • Gifs • Jpgs • Resolution • Image editing software (Photoshop Elements)

  33. When to Use GIF • Lots of Area of Solid Color • Line Art • Cartoon • Flat Style Illustration • Icon • Graph • Sharply Contrasting Borders

  34. Gifs

  35. When to use a JPEG • Scanned Photograph or Painting • Photograph • Small Color Changes • Grayscale File • Subtle Lighting Changes • Vertical Color Changes (i.e, Vertical Bars) • Continuous Tone Artwork • Computer Graphics with Realistic Lighting

  36. jpg

  37. Resolution • For printing 300 dpi • For computer monitor 72 dpi • PowerPoint will take any image you give it, but remember large images result in large files.

  38. Resolution and Scanning

  39. Powerpoint - Making a Presentation • Text • Inserting Clip Art and Images • Charts • Organizational Charts • Word Art • Color Schemes, Backgrounds • Slide Transitions • Slide Master and Title Master • Video • Sound

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