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How Solar Panels Work? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn about how do solar panels work on both residential and commercial sectors. This presentation will elaborate about all the insights of solar panels and its workings. Contact Amergy Solar for solar panel installation in NY, NJ, CA, MA

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It is a universal truth that sunlight brightens the world, but no one ever knew it would illuminate the residences and businesses with an environment-friendly and a low-cost electricity.

While sun is the major source of energy, solar panels serve as the medium to convert sunlight into clean electricity.

Considered as a promising alternative energy source, the solar panels are powering thousands of homes and businesses in the USA. But do you know how they work?

Solar energy is a renewable and an efficient energy, which is reducing our reliance on fossil fuels that are a major cause of air pollution and threat to environment.

While solar energy carries numerous benefits, here is a comprehensive account on how the solar panels work:


A typical solar energy system consists of solar panels, batteries, inverters and a charge controller. Every solar panel is comprised of several photovoltaic cells each of which is coated with a negative and positive layer to create an electric field. While these cells are significant and essential part of solar panels, batteries, inverters and charge controllers also have a supporting role in generation of clean electricity.


In simple terms, a solar panel captures the sunlight and convert it into electricity, but the questions remains – how?

When sunlight hits the solar panels, the sunlight energy particles, photons, enter photovoltaic cells and set the electrons free in every cell. These electrons flow through a wire connected to the cell. Their flow, thus, transforms into electricity. However, while solar panels are installed, it is important that one arranges them at the proper angle since a solar panel performs best with maximum exposure to sunlight.


As electrons are produced, they enter into an inverter, which converts the direct current (DC) electricity from the photovoltaic cells into altering current or ‘AC’ power. Our home appliances and electronic items, such as computers, toasters, and televisions, use AC power when plugged.

A solar inverter can be connected to the photovoltaic system or fed directly into the electrical grid. Their role is important because they work with control circuits and transformers to get any desired frequency and voltage.


The electricity produced by solar panels is in excess, sometimes, and it shouldn’t be wasted. A solar power battery, thus, stores this energy for later use. Later implies at night or when it is cloudy and sunlight isn’t available.

Lead-acid batteries are commonly used in solar power systems as they are affordable as well as efficient. A battery bank, which is a collection of batteries in a solar energy system, should be able to store power for 5 days of operation without needing more sunlight.


A charge controller extends the life of the battery bank by preventing it from overcharging. The controller, actually, monitors the battery voltage, and reduces and increases the current with varying voltage.

Installing solar panels isn’t just a trend but a contribution toward protecting the environment by reducing the carbon emissions. While it cuts the electricity bills and reduces the use of polluting fossil fuels, both residential and commercial sectors are enjoying various benefits of solar panels.

While you may be a next solar candidate, knowing how solar panels work will further assist you during their installation and help you reap benefits of it.

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