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Music Magazine Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation
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Music Magazine Evaluation

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Music Magazine Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Music Magazine Evaluation
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  1. Music Magazine Evaluation

  2. Forms and Conventions Ways in which my music magazine uses the forms and conventions of a real music magazine is through my use of bold sell lines that don’t tell you anything about the article just who is featured in the magazine to attract people to buy the magazine due to who they can see is featured in it. Even though my magazine features and is initially a magazine for Indie music and all sub genres that come under indie, I have chosen to feature articles that relate to artists of all different types of genres from Pop to R&B. I have done this because I want the magazine to appeal to the masses and feature reviews and articles about different genres of music to keep my readers interested. I have kept this magazine to be bold and simple to not take anything away from the main image as I want the image of my model to me the main attraction. The use of subtle colours of black grey and soft yellow not only matches the models chosen outfit but also goes well with making the image stand out more rather than have sell lines and the masthead overpowering the entire front cover. The image below shows the font that I have chosen to use as my masthead, I chose this over all fonts that I did experiments for because it was different; the other fonts were both bold and seemed too common and expected for a masthead. Segeo Script font was the most unique and fitted the name well. In what ways does your magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?

  3. Representational Issues My magazine represents different social groups by not only targeting the indie market but also featuring articles and reviews of artists of different genres such as Pop, R&B and Blues. The magazine contents page shows a rough insight into what kind of age group my magazine is aimed at as it has articles that young adults would have a particular interest in such as The Brit Awards and does regular articles about the charts and latest downloads which is something young adults have a strong interest in nowadays. With the use of including different genres in my magazine I hoped that this would attract people of all musical tastes and not only target Armonia to people of the same musical preference. How does your magazine represent particular social groups? Target Audience Who would be the target audience for your magazine? The target audience for my magazine is best targeted at people between the ages of 16 to mid 30s, young adults. This is the best market to aim my magazine at as I have featured a lot of my articles to capture the interest of people that possibly buy singles and albums, watch music awards and is interested on upcoming artists and the lives of celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce. However I believe that indie music isn’t quite as popular than R&B or Hip Hop within this age group that’s why I have made my model artist to be someone of the same age group so she can relate to the audience and also appeal to both makes and females.

  4. Institutions The possible types of institutions that will sell my magazine would be places where they distribute magazines at a high scale such as News agents and stores the likes of WHSmith and music stores such as HMV. Another area that this magazine can be distributed at is through the internet, various websites such as or websites of the indie genre can sell my magazine and have it delivered to their homes weekly. As the magazine also features artists of different genres it can also be sold online on websites such as universal music group’s web page or other musical record labels. What kind of institution might distribute your magazine and why? Addressing the readership How did you attract / address your audience? Rule of 3 used on the strap line to make the statement bold, simple, and memorable to let the audience know that this magazine is the best choice out of them all. One way in which I attracted my audience is through articles in which everyone would be interested in no matter what musical preference you have. People are always interested to find out the latest news on celebrities and this sell line would attract them most as it tells us the most shocking moments that have happened in the past. I have also included a quote that was inserted to make it seem as if ‘Camilla’ has a possible feud with the artist Adele who is also an artist of the same genre.

  5. Technical/Construction Issues While working on the process of image taking for my music magazine I learnt that lighting played a huge part in constructing an appropriate image to use for my front cover. Not only did I have to consider camera angels but lighting had to be just right to give the effect I want and show parts of her face that I wanted. Using the software to produce my front cover, article and contents page was done with Paint and Publisher, it was fairly easy to compose and not as technical as Photoshop, I didn’t have to learn anything new as I already had the knowledge to use the software. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing your magazine? (software, photography etc) Lighting Camera Shot With the two images above, they were shot to use as a potential front cover image, one with natural light and one with artificial lighting. The artificial lighting was more clear and appropriate to use as I wanted the models face to stand out the most and to have the good features of her face highlighted well. The different uses of camera shots defined whether the photo would have been a good sample to use for the magazine. A long body shot showed the models full outfit however didn’t give a clear vision of the models face which is what I aimed for

  6. Comparisons between prelim and main tasks Looking back to your school magazine cover, what do you feel you have learnt between creating that and creating your music magazine? How did the school magazine task help? Looking back at the preliminary task and comparing it with the construction of the music magazine, I think the preliminary task was a good way of prepping us to make the magazine for music. Although the process for making the music magazine was much longer due to having to spend more time with the model of different occasions because we had to get the right pictures to use, the music magazine seemed to be easier to construct because I had previously done it with the school magazine. Using the knowledge I had from making my school magazine I was able to use that knowledge to do the main task and I already knew what was expected from me. Both tasks were very different however I found that the music magazine took up more time.