how to enhance your professional skills
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How to enhance your professional skills?

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How to enhance your professional skills? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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it applies but in a different way, as to how we professionals call it, practical is different than theory

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Recently I hired an intern in my company. A fresh mind with enthusiasm and the can do approach but after one week, today I am feeling the dire need to first inform all the candidates who appeared in the interviews on how to develop work related skills, because what we learn at our educational institutions is a bit different from what we do at work. Yes it applies but in a different way, as to how we professionals call it, practical is different than theory!
  • Work related skills not only help you in scoring better image in front of your boss but also lets you stand out from your peers. These are the essential basic skills that set you on a path to profound professional success, these skills act similar to how a strong base can support a high rise building.
here are few tips on how can fresh graduates improve their professional and personal skills
Here are few tips on how can fresh graduates improve their professional and personal skills:
  • Seek expert advice:
  • The best way possible to learn a new skill is to talk to the experts in that industry. Naturally it will be very difficult to talk to them; thanks to the internet technology you can watch and listen to online interviews that are published on famous online media.
networking is crucial
Networking is crucial:
  • In order to work with best you need to be with the best. Networking with people within an industry not only provides you better career opportunities but also provide you the right exposure to what is in and what is out from your industry. Result, you remain updated!
read books
Read books
  • What youth of today lack the most is reading habit. If they say books are best friends of a man then they say it for a reason. A daily reading habit not only provides you with essential information but also improves your vocabulary, thus your communication skills gets better and also keeps you abreast with any changes that are or going to happen in an industry.
attend conferences and webinars
Attend conferences and webinars:

Conferences and seminars are a great way to get your hands on latest knowledge and network with people from the same industry. Avid professionals know the importance of networking and they make an effort to do it through conferences. If you don’t have much time to travel internet still also offers a great way to attend them; Webinars!

maintain a blog
Maintain a blog:
  • Maintaining a blog will not only help you kill free time and make it useful by contributing to the society in a good way. When you right and express you not only improve your writing skills but also comes in you the story telling power and your words teaches you to persuade people through them. Not to forget the fame and fortune blogging can bring to you in the long run, it has evolved into a separate industry now and bloggers around the globe are earning a fortune through it.