the digestive system n.
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The digestive system

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The digestive system. By Zachary and Alyssa. The Digestive. When food goes in your mouth it goes down to the stomach where the liver is. Entering the Esophageous.

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the digestive system

The digestive system

By Zachary and Alyssa

the digestive
The Digestive

When food goes in your mouth it goes down to the stomach where the liver is.

entering the esophageous
Entering the Esophageous

When you go into the Esophageous you go down to the throat and you will see the larger right lobe of liver and the small left lobe of liver.

small and large intestine
Small and Large Intestine.

After when you enter the stomach you go down to the

small intestine where it is 6 meters and 20 feet long.

The food goes down to the large intestine where the colon is when you.

the colon
The colon

The food goes down where the colon is to the rectum and anus where people go pee .

the rectum
The rectum

The rectum has a big place where you about to get to the anus and going out of the body.