appendicular skeleton n.
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Appendicular Skeleton PowerPoint Presentation
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Appendicular Skeleton

Appendicular Skeleton

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Appendicular Skeleton

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  1. Appendicular Skeleton The arm, forearm, wrist and hand

  2. The Arm • The arm consists of one bone: The humerus • A humerus bone has the following landmarks. • Head of the Humerus: the rounded end that fits into the glenoid cavity of the scapula • Greater Tubercle: Process on the lateral surface just below the head. • Lesser Tubercle: Process on the anterior surface just below the head

  3. The arm continued • Surgical neck: the area just below the tubercles. Named because it is often fractured. • Deltoid Tuberosity: rough raised area near the midpoint of the lateral surface of the shaft. • Capitulum condyle: The end of the humerus that connects with the radius • Trochlea condyle: The end of the humerus that connects with the ulna • Lateral and medial epicondyles: The condyles above the capitulum and trochlea

  4. Arm Continued • Coronoid fossa: the depression on the anterior side just above the trochlea • Olecranon fossa: the depression on the posterior side just above the trochlea. • See these web links for pictures • •

  5. The Forearm • The forearm consists of two bones: the radius and the ulna. • The radius is on the lateral side • Parts of the radius: • Head: superior articulation with the capitulum of the humerus. The round head allows the wrist to turn up and down. • Radial tuberosity: knob like process just below the head. • Neck: the portion between the head and the radial tuberosity. • Styloid Process: lateral articulation point of radius with wrist • For pictures click here

  6. The Forearm Continued • The ulna is on the medial side • Parts of the ulna: • Olecranon process: the posterior hook shapped notch found on the top of the ulna that articulates with the olecranon fossa of the humerus. (forms the point of the elbow) • Trochlear or semilunar notch: a depression that articulates with the trochlea of the humerus • Coronoid Process: a small knob on the anterior surface of the trochlear notch. • Styloid process: the distal medial prominence of the ulna • For pictures click here

  7. The Hand • The hand and wrist is composed of three main subsets of bones • The Carpus: the 8 bones of the wrist. • The metacarpus: The five bones that make up our palm. Numbered 1-5 starting with the thumb • The phalanges: the the bones of the fingers (two bones in the thumb and three in the others) • For pictures click here