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Brand Development Presentation

Brand Development Presentation

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Brand Development Presentation

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  1. Brand Development Presentation The Marketing Thrusts Behind Developing The Bakersfield Brand

  2. Brand Strategy Overview • Greater Bakersfield must counter negative impressions that it is a dry, hot, baked place and must put the “Field” back into Bakersfield - a green, more alive, naturally bountiful place. • Greater Bakersfield needs to position itself against California’s inefficiencies - Bakersfield still works - it’s affordable, accessible and well serviced with extraordinary amenities. • Greater Bakersfield needs to enlist every current, former and potential resident as a Brand Ambassador. • Greater Bakersfield needs to attain a place in “the consideration set” for those thinking of relocating and/or establishing business enterprises. • Greater Bakersfield needs to be a viable and desirable alternative for people (young professionals with families, retirees, tourists) looking at other mid-California corridor cities. • Greater Bakersfield needs to lure former residents back to the better way of life.

  3. Brand Vision • Bakersfield will be a vital and thriving place to live and work, boasting big city appeal and small town charm. • With a current citizenry proud of their hometown and skilled at contributing to an increasingly positive image of Bakersfield. • With a growing population of essential service/skilled workers, young professional families, and active retirees. • Popularly linked to other key destinations through Bakersfield’s convenient Meadows Field Airport, improved highways, and potentially by high speed rail. • Sought after by Angelenos and other Californians for its green, natural outdoor experiences and extraordinary Kern County offerings. • Capitalizing on abundance and fertility with its association with food and produce. • In the consideration set for entrepreneurs and relocating businesses based on valid success stories. • Offering a surprising degree of sophistication in services and amenities. • Retaining the accessibility of affordable housing while attracting quality people. • And providing an extraordinary quality of life for all of its varied citizens as a world unto its own.

  4. Defining a Vision of Success • Distinct Truths • we can leverage… Proximity/ Mobility Attainable Quality Lifestyle Open Generous Spirit Natural Abundance, Prosperity Unique, Quirky Sophistication “Diamonds to Mine”

  5. Attainable Quality Lifestyle • Family and traditions are valued. • Housing costs allow viability for first time buyers or additional luxury and amenities for families and retirees. • Public schools are healthy and growing, California State University is an ever-improving asset, and lifelong learning opportunities abound. • Healthcare centers of excellence exist. • Mild winters and warm summers allow for year-round outdoor activities. • California lifestyle is alive and well!

  6. Open, Generous Spirit • Welcome visitors with the same hospitality as the town’s namesake, Colonel Baker, who gave weary travelers food and lodging. • Welcome new residents who often remark, “ I knew I was home when I got here.” • Familial, friendly, flexible nature of the community. • No barriers to success based on ethnicity. • Community leadership reflects ethnic diversity. • Ease of conducting business and starting a business. (No barriers to success.)

  7. Proximity/Mobility • Mountains, oceans, lakes, river and redwoods are close by as well as major California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. • New airport terminal providing air access, Interstate 5/Highway 99 and other major thoroughfares offering access to North, South, East and West. • Fewer traffic hassles than other metropolitan California communities.

  8. Natural Abundance and Prosperity • Green improvements evident around city such as tree plantings in medians along bike paths. • Cornucopia of attractive produce. • Vibrant agricultural base representing the abundance and prosperity businesses. • Abundant energy resources such as oil, wind, solar and natural gas. • Creativity and innovation are evident in value-added agriculture products such as baby carrots and pomegranate juice. • Development of new techniques to help meet the world’s energy needs. • Opportunity to promote healthy produce and food sophistication to target audiences.

  9. Unique, Quirky Sophistication • Leadership/residents with rich, worldwide life experiences. • Home to many unique businesses such as Townsend Design and Guy Chaddock & Company. • A core of theater activity. • Arts programs are healthy and growing. • International culture and restaurants. • One of a kind, a real original.

  10. Our Brand • Bakersfield • (includes Greater Bakersfield/Kern County)

  11. Tag Line • Life as it should be.

  12. Brand Definition • Bakersfield (Metro Pop. 406,000) is a growing community, projected to double in 20 yrs., located in Kern County, California’s third largest county in land area, 8,073 square miles. • Bakersfield is at the southern end of California’s great Central Valley where settlers once found rest and sustenance from the town’s founder and namesake Colonel Thomas Baker, as they flocked westward to find gold. • Its climate is favorable, warm and dry, contributing to its huge agri-business base with 200 crops (e.g. citrus, potatoes, table grapes, almonds, pistachios, tomatoes, pomegranates). • Today this region is the fourth largest producer of oil in the U.S. bringing highly sophisticated technology and skilled, dynamic individuals to the area. • It is home to California State University, Bakersfield and a UC Merced Campus, community colleges and extensive adult education facilities. It has six hospitals, one of which is linked to UCLA medical school. • In close proximity are several natural attractions -- the ocean, mountains, the Kern River, Giant Sequoia National Monument.

  13. Brand Promise / Proof Points • A place where you can still achieve your • California Dream. • Exceptional housing value • Warm, dry climate promotes outdoor lifestyle • Access to outstanding food and produce • Proximity to mountains, coast and Los Angeles • Business friendly • Family friendly • Trend setting and sophisticated • Thriving arts community

  14. Brand Positioning • To our target audiences, Bakersfield is a better choice for living, working, growing, and playing than other California places as it’s affordable, accessible, and extremely welcoming. • There’s abundance here and it will be • a fruitful place for you. • You will be able to achieve your dreams • here.

  15. Brand Personality • Generous and warm-hearted • Strong community spirit • Fertile, success-oriented, and business-minded • Casual, balanced • Family oriented • Linked to the land - abundant, fruitful • Creative, unique

  16. Primary Targets • Skilled workforce in essential services (healthcare, education, construction) • People/businesses requiring air transport, proximity to key cities (incl. air cargo) • Citizenry trained as brand ambassadors • Clean, green, creative entrepreneurs • 5. Young professional families • 6. Active retirees