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Save Money & Energy with EnergyWorks PowerPoint Presentation
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Save Money & Energy with EnergyWorks

Save Money & Energy with EnergyWorks

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Save Money & Energy with EnergyWorks

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  1. Save Money & Energy with EnergyWorks EnergyWorks is a program of the Metropolitan Caucus, a coalition of Commissioners and Councilmembers from Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties and the Mayor of Philadelphia. It is supported by a grant from the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Program.

  2. What is EnergyWorks? • EnergyWorks is a program for homeowners in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties and the City of Philadelphia • Home energy assessment performed by BPI-certified building analyst • Select a Participating Contractor • Make Energy Efficiency Improvements • Final Inspection and Test Out by ECA • Rebate of $300.00 for the initial assessment • • EnergyWorks Call Center: 215.609.1052

  3. Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) • The Energy Coordinating Agency was founded in 1984 in response to rising gas prices and utility terminations. • OUR MISSION: to help people conserve energy and work toward a sustainable and equitable energy future for the Philadelphia region. • ECA is the residential administrator of the EnergyWorks Program. The Energy Coordinating Agency – 25 Years of Success

  4. AFC First – A National Leader In Energy Efficiency Lending • AFC First Financial Corporation is an experienced specialty energy efficiency lender and the provider of the EnergyLoan® program. • Founded in 1947 in Allentown, PA. AFC has processed over 50,000 energy efficiency loan applications. • Retail contractor-driven energy lending to consumers has been primary business since 1999. • AFC First is one of only three Fannie Mae approved Energy Lenders in the nation.

  5. PA’sKeystone HELP (Home Energy Loan Program) • One of the most successful state sponsored consumer energy efficiency finance programs in the nation • Over 8,000 loans and close to $65 million funded since 2006 with rapidly increasing consumer demand • Based on a pilot started by the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund it has involved into a unique public-private partnership which leverages loan capital provided by PA Treasury and PHFA with DEP (ACT 1 and ARRA) funds to provide greatest incentives

  6. The EnergyWorks Process • Energy assessment ($400+)  approved contractors  $1,000 worth of energy efficient work  QA test-out  $300 rebate • Apply online for a home energy assessment at • Based on the building analyst’s recommendations and report, homeowners can select which home energy improvements to complete. • Homeowners then choose from our list of EnergyWorks approved contractors. • Keystone HELP offers low-interest financing options for energy improvement projects. • Homeowners complete $1,000 worth of energy improvement work, receive a free quality assurance inspection and a $300 rebate. HVAC Estimate

  7. The Home Energy Assessment • The price can increase if the home is greater than 2500 square feet or has more than one combustion appliance zone (CAZ). A CAZ is a space for a combustion appliance, such as a water heater. • The assessment takes about 3 hours. The building analyst will conduct an interview with you regarding your energy use, comfort, and any heat, cooling and moisture issues associated with your home.  The analyst will then conduct a blower door test which depressurizes your house and provides the opportunity to identify air leaks in your house.  The analyst will also conduct combustion analyses of your heater and water heater.  • After the assessment is completed, the analyst will prepare a report which will provide you with a prioritized list of energy improvements. Typically homes need air sealing in the attic and basement; this should always be done before insulation is considered. When the work is completed a quality assurance inspection will be conducted at no extra charge.  HVAC Estimate

  8. Two Types of Energy Efficiency Customers REACTIVE PROACTIVE HVAC Estimate I Must Reduce My Energy Bills!

  9. REACTIVE Consumer: Welcome to the “Twilight Zone” • Typical “urgent” HVAC or home repair installations ($3,000 to $15,000) are the consumer’s financing “twilight zone” - too big for a credit card, too small for a home equity loan. • Time sensitive – consumer needs work done ASAP • Solution: Unsecured point of purchase loan programs with lower rates based on simple product qualification – ENERGY STAR

  10. PROACTIVE Consumer: The “Thinker” • “Whole house” improvements including assessment, air sealing, insulation, HVAC, etc., and energy efficient education. • More project driven, less time sensitive • More customer thought, engagement and foresight • Solution: “Home Performance” model with home energy assessment, recommendations and lower rate (0.99%)

  11. EnergyWorks Addresses Both Reactive and Proactive • FOR THE PROACTIVE ENERGY IMPROVEMENT • Lowest Rate Loans – 0.99% Unsecured BPI Only loan emulates Home Star Gold- Improvements with Air Sealing • Secured Loans Up to $35,000 with both BPI and RESNET PA Home Energy Protocol – state HPwES program • FOR THE REACTIVE ENERGY IMPROVEMENT • Low Rate Unsecured Loan - 5.99, 10 Year Termto $15,000 for ENERGY STAR Improvements • Lower Rate Unsecured Loan – 4.99, 10 Year Term to $15,000 for Advanced Performance Improvements

  12. Benefits to the Homeowner – EnergyWorks + Keystone HELP Payment as the Solution • Thorough home energy assessment, homeowner gets roadmap for energy improvements • Approved contractors have been vetted by EnergyWorks and Keystone HELP • Free quality assurance inspection after home improvements are complete • EnergyWorks offers the best return on your biggest investment – your home! • Low monthly payment • Save Money. Live Comfortably. Add value to your home.

  13. EnergyWorks Special Loan Features • Gold Level Loan: Unsecured$1,000 - $15,000 • Lower rates (from 0.99%) and longer terms (up to 10 years) than available from banks or credit unions • Fixed rate and fixed payment for term – not adjustable like most credit cards – no surprises! • No pre-payment penalty – pay off whenever you like • Fast, simple, no fees or charges to consumer or contractor • Secured Keystone HELP Loans$5,000 - $35,000 • Lowest rates (from 3.875% for Whole House Improvements) – better than bank home equity rates • Fixed rate and fixed terms up to 20 years

  14. Who is Eligible? • Southeastern Pennsylvania homeowners who: • Own and are making qualifying improvements to their primary residence located in Southeastern Pennsylvania and;  • Whose combined annual household income is $150,000 or less • The Keystone HELP R&R ENERGY STAR Loan, Geothermal Loan (or other AFC First non Keystone HELP loans) may be available for homeowners whose income exceeds $150,000 – please contact us for details.   • Improvements must be made to 1 to 2 unit owner-occupied dwellings. • If you are applying for financing under the Keystone HELP program, you must meet the credit eligibility standards of the program.

  15. Who Can Perform the Work? • EnergyWorks Approved Contractors are thoroughly screened and meet the highest standards • Must be insured, licensed, reputable • Must be EPA Lead Certified • Must be Keystone HELP Approved • Must be fully trained • Must warrant their labor • Energy Analysts are BPI Certified • Perform the home energy assessment and the • Independent third-party inspection

  16. For More Information EnergyWorks Directory AFC First Directory Tessa Shin, Director, Home Performance and Renovation Lending AFC First Financial Corporation 610-973-2692 / Kate Ryan Special Projects Coordinator 215-609-1082 / (Customer audit estimates, Keystone HELP loan referrals) Zhenya Fomin EnergyWorks Program Manager 215-609-1049 / (Auditor scheduling, contractor test-outs) Tanya T. Morris Communications & Outreach Coordinator 215-609-1056 / (Events, workshops,marketing opportunities)

  17. (888) 232-3477 (888 - AFC FIRST) (215) 609-1052 (EnergyWorks)