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SAVE ENERGY SAVE MONEY SAVE EARTH SAVE FUTURE GENERATION. We, at Plant Control & Automation Technologies, help you to reduce your electrical consumption by . Conducting Energy Audit in your premises & suggest energy saving measures

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  2. We, at Plant Control & Automation Technologies, help you to reduce your electrical consumption by • Conducting Energy Auditin your premises & suggest energy saving measures • Offering energy saving with less polluting LED & INDUCTION LAMPSso as to enable you go GREEN • Providing Smart PLC based Power Saverfor your lighting & AC loads • Supplying Maximum Demand ControllerSystem & Automatic Power factor Control Panelto save you from penalty & also gain nominal energy saving • Providing Variable Frequency Drive Panelsfor variable Torque loads which accounts for quite substantial energy saving • Last but not the least, we design, supply, install & commission Solar Power System to take care of (part of) your Supply requirement.

  3. ENERGY AUDIT: Good energy management begins with energy audit. We evaluate the efficiency of process system & identify energy saving opportunities. We suggest you ways & means of energy saving. LED & INDUCTION LAMPS: Lighting Load consumes considerable amount of energy. Many industries use Metal halide lamps, Sodium Vapour lamps, CFL etc for achieving required brightness level. These lamps require more electrical power to produce the required light output. In addition they emit poisonous gases & generate heat. They do not have long life requiring replacement at regular intervals. We offer Energy efficient LED & Induction Lamps to replace the above lamps. These lamps reduce energy consumption by typically 30%. Life expectancy is 50,000 t0 1,00,000 hours. They do not pollute the atmosphere. LED lamps offer same brightness under wild supply variation such as 85 to 250 Volts AC.LED lamps do not produce Long wave or IR. Both LED & Induction lamp result in minimum Lumens Depreciation( ie. Reduction in light intensity over years). With LED lamps you can have DIMMING option. We offer variety of LED & Induction Lamp to suit all applications. SMART PLC BASED POWER SAVER: We offer a power saver gadget based on PLC (Programme Logic Controller). You can program ON & OFF time of your gadgets like AC etc on cyclic basis. You can program switching ON & OFF time on daily or weekly basis. Loaded with excellent features, this energy saver is economically priced.

  4. MAXIMUM DEMAND & APFC PANELS: You are aware that you are liable to pay penalty in case you exceed maximum demand sanctioned to you as well as do not maintain power factor close to unity. We offer separate panels for both applications. In case of MD control system, we provide either alarm or potential free contact to switch unwanted load in case MD is exceeded. We offer APFC panels for balanced loads as well as unbalanced loads. We provide APFC panels with Thyristor Power Regulator for fast switching which also results in very less maintenance due to absence of Capacitor Switching contactors. APFC panels maintain Power Factor close to unity resulting in a nominal energy saving by lowering power through the cable. VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE PANELS: It is a known fact that variable torque load such as fans, blowers, water pumps etc when operated through a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) result in considerable amount of energy saving. Studies show that a 10% reduction in speed can contribute to nearly 21% reduction in KWH. We offer VFD panels for your application. SOLAR POWER SYSTEM: Harnessing SUN & Wind energy is the order of the day. SUN offers perennial power. We help you to tap SUN’s energy. We design, manufacture, install & commission solar energy system. You get energy at no raw material cost. What is more, you are eligible for Incentive / depreciation benefit. PLANT CONTROL & AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES Plot No 4/1, Suba sree Nagar Extension 6, Mugalivakkam, Chennai-600 125. Phone: 044-22521089 / 22521913, Tele fax: 044-42840205, URL: http//www.pcatindia.com

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