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  1. Baghdad

  2. Geography The geography of Baghdad is flat and low-lying. This Is mainly because of the fact that it was of alluvial origin. This is due to the fact that the River Tigris flooded all the time. The river Tigris splits the city in two halves. The eastern half is called Risafa and the western side is called Karkh.

  3. Tourist Attractions The National Museum of Iraq The Baghdad Tower The Baghdad Zoo The Great Celebrations Square The Abbasid Palace

  4. The National Museum of Iraq The museum was established in 1926. This museum is located in Baghdad. The museum was sadly looted in the 2003 invasion

  5. The Baghdad Zoo The Zoo contained 650 animals before the 2003 invasion. After it was decimated during the invasion, less than 32 animals survived. Iraq then rebuilt it. Today it houses over 1070 animals. This amazing zoo was also the scene for a book called Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo by Rajiv Joseph.

  6. The Baghdad Tower The Baghdad tower was originally named the International Saddam Tower. The Baghdad Tower was opened in 1994 and replaced a communications tower that was destroyed in the Gulf War. In the building there is a revolving restaurant and observation tower at the top. This tower was renamed the Baghdad tower after the 2003 invasion.

  7. The Great Celebrations Square This is the main square for public celebrations in Iraq. The square was built in 1986. Then in 1989 the Victory Arches were added for the victory in the Iran-Iraq War. In the center of the square is a platform for the heads of the city and country.

  8. The Abbasid Palace The Abbasid palace is the only one left in Baghdad. It was built by Caliph Al- Naser Ledinillah. In his reign many other establishments were created. The Abbasid Palace has a central courtyard and two stories of rooms. The palace has a resemblance to a school which leads scholars to believe that it is the Sharabiya School; a school for Islamic theology.

  9. The Official Language. The major language in Iraq is Arabic. Although in Kurdish regions, kurdish is the official language. This gives Iraq a great diversity between the people.

  10. Type of Government Baghdad has a mayor-council government system. This type of government includes the Baghdad city council and a mayor. The mayor of the city is Saber Nabet Al- essawi.

  11. Major Holidays in Baghdad In Iraq they have major holidays like Republic day, labor day, Islamic New Year, and Prophet’s birthday.

  12. Republic Day Republic day is celebrated in several other countries. It is celebrated to remember the day when that country became republic. This holiday is celebrated on July 14.

  13. Economy In Iraq the most important contributor to the Iraqi economy is the Iraqi Airways. The Iraqi Airways is a popular place in Iraq because the people there and everywhere come and go from the country from there.

  14. Interesting Facts Baghdad has the largest center for education in the country Baghdad holds the largest theatre in Iraq ever since world war I Iraq has held gorse races, but have simply called them “Races”

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