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Sponsored by Baghdad Governorate

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Sponsored by Baghdad Governorate. Internet and Computing Core Certification. I C 3. IRAQ – Baghdad Mustansiriyah University Project. 1- Introduction.

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Sponsored by Baghdad Governorate

Internet and Computing Core Certification


IRAQ – Baghdad Mustansiriyah University Project



The enormous development in Information Technology (IT) is accompanied by similar development represented in the emergence of skill certificates in computer applications, networks, software, Internet, and these International certificates became standard for employment, evaluation and promotion. 

For this purpose, University of Mustansiriya adopted with funding from Baghdad Governorate this scientific important project to eradicate computer and Internet illiteracy and dissemination of digital literacy among students and members of the university in order to keep pace with the development in the developed scientific countries, and consequently this will be reflected positively on the overall scientific & administrative activities at the university.


2-Project Objectives

There is a clear need for an International certification to grant those who have computer and Internet skills appropriate International certificates.

IC3 certificate is the main gate to other International certificates, like: (MOS, MCAS, MCT, A+, Network+, CISCO,…)

Development of specialized cadre by training a group of Mustansiriya University professors (as a 1st stage) who are (10 professors) and let them pass through intensive course at the hands of International experts to obtain Authorized Instructor license, who in turn (in the 2nd stage) train and rehabilitate more than 100 professors at the university to create a basis of an International certificate.

Distribution of teachers who obtained the International certificate (in the 3rd stage of the project) on all the university colleges in order to rehabilitate and educate students in the field of computer and Internet for all the scientific and humanity specialization without exception.

Discard the “favoritism and mediations" by making the mechanism of students exam are directly over the Internet (Online).

Raise the level of applicants for postgraduate (Masters and PhD) in the field of computer and Internet.


3-Project Implementation Stages

Send a group of university professors, who are (8) to Jordan for the period from 4 / 1 / 2010 to 25 / 1 / 2010, and they were trained by the International Authorized Instructor (GarrydineWaldie) - Director of  (International Certs), where all the professors attain excellent degree in the (Online) tests as shown below:

The President of University (Prof. Dr. Ihsan al-Qurashi) has assigned (Dr. Mustafa Al-Hassani) as manager of IC3 project at the University.


Teachers after they returned from abroad, took upon themselves training of more than 100 candidates from all colleges and centers of the University for the preparation of a dedicated staff that trains college students in all faculties.

(12) teaching staff was named as supervisors to oversee the implementation of the project in the 12-faculties of the university.

(72) Lecturers who obtained the IC3 International Certificates were distributed on the colleges in proportion to the number of students of the 1st stage and in coordination with the faculties supervisors.

100Laptops (Dell Studio 1537) which were received from Baghdad Governorate, were distributed to all lecturers in the courses.

It has been applied the project (training + exams) during the summer holiday for the period from 1 / 7 / 2010 till 22 / 8 / 2010, whereas

Students IC3-Online Test Results

( 1st Course that held in summer holiday, period from 1/7/2010 – 22/8/2010 )

  • The number of students participating in the course = 2201
  • 1135 of them passed the trade-offs (Offline) test , which was conducted before access to the Online-exams.
  • The number of tests carried out by students = 4362
  • Percentage of overall success (International + local) = 64.67% i.e. (734 students) distributed in the form of:

424 International certificate

  • 310 Local certificate 

4-Mechanism of Applying IC3 Program ( Study Year 2010 – 2011 )

In accordance with the directives of the President of Mustansiriya University (Prof. Dr. Ihsan Al-Qarashi), the mechanism that have been proposed by the Project Manager is being implemented in all faculties of the university without exception after approving it by the University Council in 9 / 11 / 2010, which includes the following axes that operates in parallel way:

Carrying out IC3 2nd course for the period from 14 / 11 / 2010 to 14 / 12 / 2010, which was announced in all the university colleges (training + exams).

Training the cadre that teach computer subjects compulsorily by the staff of IC3 project within their colleges starting from 21 / 11 / 2010.


Create examination centers in each college to perform IC3 Online tests supplied with all requirements (more than 600 Computer, Software, Internet Service, group of Administrators & Proctors to administrate Online exams).


Implementation of the project on the students of the 1st stage / Morning study (= 5945 students) in all departments of the university colleges, according to the following tables, by alternating the International IC3 courses in position of the traditional computer courses.


For the sustainability of cooperation with project funder (Baghdad governorate), Mustansiriya University sends 2 – IC3 lecturers to Baghdad Province to train and qualify its staff. It was agreed to train (350) employees, they were distributed in the form of groups, each consisting of (30) person. The Online Exams for the first six groups was held in the Computer Center of Mustansiriya University.


5-The International Achievements

  • The Champion of Digital Literacy Award
  • President of the University of Mustansiriya, Prof. Dr. Ihsan Al-Qurashi, Honored with Champion of Digital Literacy Award for training more than 12000 students in Iraq.

MustansiriyaUniversity won 1stplace in the 2011 IC³ World Cup competition sponsored by Certiport.

  • Ranked 1st & 2nd & 3rd
  • / Post-Secondory Education Category



Ranked 2nd & 3rd

  • / World
  • MustansiriyaUniversity
  • Ranked 2nd & 3rd/ Region

IC3 number of tests that have been implemented in all the colleges as well as the account of the presidency of the university (31049 Test) according to the months for 2011


7-Next Steps

  • Implement the remainder of the tests (which is 20370 test) to rehabilitate the students and university staff within the mechanism of applying IC3 project in 2012 according to the plan of 2011 in all the faculties of the university.
  • Involvement of the remainder of the staff of the Baghdad province and the staff of the provincial council in the sessions according to an agreed timescales with Online-tests in the computer center at the University.