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Michael Dell

Michael Dell. Erica Manning. Dell Computer Corporation. Michael Dell began a new way of looking at and manufacturing computers with his company Dell Computer Corporation , one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world.

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Michael Dell

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  1. Michael Dell Erica Manning

  2. Dell Computer Corporation • Michael Dell began a new way of looking at and manufacturing computers with his company Dell Computer Corporation, one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world. • As a college student, Dell was interested in how computers were made and the demand that would be coming. • Inspired by this, he decided to take the marketplace by storm.

  3. Michael Dell’s Initiative • He initiated a new way of putting computers together and through that, he completely changed the growing industry. He took a passion and turned it into his career.

  4. Doing for Others • His company has been able to give life to new companies and new means of putting technology out into the world.

  5. How it all Started • The industry changing work he put together began by him taking apart an IBM computer. • He saw how the computer was built and created his own process that was much more efficient.

  6. Marketing Strategy • He created a brilliant marketing model by taking out the middleman of selling. • He sold directly to his customers. • Dell started this trend of buying/selling directly with his ‘direct model’; this soon began developing the industry into how it looks today.

  7. The Mission • The mission under the Dell logo, “Yours is here” completely summarizes the original goal of Dell Computer Corporation. Dell individually sought to make made-to-order computers as well as directly serve his customers. This kind of personalization was a game changer for consumers looking for a computer.

  8. Dell Today • Still to this day he states that his two inspirations were, “my own kind of curiosity about technology and what it could do for people (Dell).” • Aside from customers, Dell also didn’t take his time working his way to the top. • He knew that, “all windows of opportunity eventually close” and he wanted to get his foot in the door, so to speak (Dell). • Back in the 90’s he was able to answer what most people were looking for.

  9. Dell’s Awards Just to name a few… • The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and Reputation Institute included Dell in a new ranking of the top 50 companies in the United States that the public distinguishes for corporate social responsibility. • Dell was honored to receive the 2005 Secretary of Labor's Opportunity Award . This is the highest award given by the Department of Labor to federal contractors for their voluntary diversity efforts. • The Financial Timesnewspaper in 2005 ranked Dell 11th overall among the world's most respected companies and fourth overall in the world's most respected IT companies. • Fortune magazine in 2005 named Dell as America's "Most Admired" Company and No. 3 worldwide.

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