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Project : EVRMAP. Nordic Information Infrastructure over Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles Magnús Agnarsson & Rune Haaland. Project Background. Call from Nordic Energy & Transport requesting projects to establish a common Map Database over charging infrastructure (MDCI)

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Project evrmap

Project : EVRMAP

Nordic Information Infrastructure over Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

MagnúsAgnarsson & Rune Haaland

Project background

Project Background

Call from Nordic Energy & Transport requestingprojectstoestablish a common MapDatabase over charginginfrastructure(MDCI)

Applications from Sweco and Norstartwereintegratedintoone common project

How do i get my ev charged find the way between charging stations

How do I get my EV charged & find the waybetweencharging Stations

Given thatEV:swillbecomemore common in Nordic countries

Given the limitedrangeofEV:s and long distances in Scandinavia

Given thatpeoplewanttousetheir EV for mosttransportationneeds, local and country wise

Project objectives

Project Objectives

Establish a common database over Charginginfrastructure for the Nordic countries – based on solutions developed by Norstart

Implementrouting interface into the solution developed by Norstart

Implement a prototype for EV routing – howtofind route betweentwopointsensuringcharging stations along the way and eventuallytakingintoconsiderationweather and topographicconditions

Project participants

Project Participants

Sweco SE/NO – project owner

NorStart - NO

Trafikverket - SE


Volvo Cars


Info24 - SE

NorthenLigths Energy - Iceland

What is sweco

What is Sweco ?

Swecos mission is toactivelycontributetosustainabledevelopementof the society

Among the leading technologyconsultants in Europe

5100 employees

Conducted 31000 customer missions in 2009

What is norstart

What is Norstart ?

Organisation ofNorwegian EV owners

1200 members in 2010

Runs the websites and



Project startup 1st April

Initial project meeting in Reykjavik in June

Meeting in Stockholm in September

Project meeting in Oslo or Gothenburg in January 2012

Final reportFebruary 2012

Thank for your attention

Thank for your attention

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Magnus Agnarsson - Sweco