Sports entertainment marketing ii
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Sports & Entertainment Marketing II. 1.01 Describe the value of DECA. What is DECA?. A career and technical student organization that: Is designed to attract students into marketing careers. Encourages the understanding of free enterprise. Encourages civic responsibility.

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Sports entertainment marketing ii

Sports & Entertainment Marketing II

1.01 Describe the value of DECA.

What is deca
What is DECA?

A career and technical student organization that:

  • Is designed to attract students into marketing careers.

  • Encourages the understanding of free enterprise.

  • Encourages civic responsibility.

  • Maintains a series of competitive events.

  • Offers awards and recognition.

  • Offers scholarships.

What is deca continued
What is DECA continued?

  • An association of marketing students

  • Helps develop leaders in marketing, management, entrepreneurship.

  • Is one of the three integral parts of the Sports and Entertainment Marketing Course.

    • The other 2 are classroom instruction and work based learning.

Who can join deca
Who can join DECA?

  • Any student taking a marketing-related course such as sports and entertainment marketing.

  • DECA is co-curricular; DECA is incorporated into the classroom.

What are the goals of deca
What are the Goals of DECA?

  • To prepare marketing education students to take their proper places in the business world.

  • To develop leadership characteristics.

  • To develop self-confidence and self-acceptance.

  • To develop a greater understanding of our competitive, free enterprise system.

  • To further develop occupational competencies needed for careers in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

  • To develop high ethical standards in personal and business relationships.

What are the goals of deca continued
What are the Goals of DECA Continued?

  • To develop effective international relationships.

  • To develop a greater awareness of career opportunities in marketing.

  • To develop greater proficiency in communication.

  • To develop greater appreciation of the responsibilities of citizenship.

  • To develop a healthy competitive spirit.

  • To develop social and business etiquette.

What are the benefits of deca
What are the Benefits of DECA?

  • Sense of belonging

  • Group participation

  • Motivational involvement

  • Competitive involvement

  • Personal growth and development

Basic facts
Basic Facts

  • DECA stands for: Distributive Education Clubs of America

  • Headquarters:

    • International: Reston, VA

    • NC: Raleigh

  • Publications:

    • National DECA–DECA Dimensions

    • NC DECA–DECA Connections

  • Tagline: Developing leaders in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

Basic facts continued
Basic Facts continued . . .

  • Colors: Blue and gold

    • Blue represents sincerity

    • Gold represents success

  • Emblem: Diamond

    • Four points on the DECA diamond:

      1. Social Intelligence

      2. Leadership Development

      3. Civic Consciousness

      4. Vocational Understanding

Unit 1 project
Unit 1 Project

  • You are to create a new sports or entertainment product and provide a prototype.

  • The project details are located on the website in Unit 1 under “Unit 1 Project Overview”

  • The answers to these questions need to be organized into a PowerPoint Presentation.

Divisions of deca
Divisions of DECA

  • High School

  • Delta Epsilon Chi

  • Collegiate

  • Alumni

  • Professional

Levels of deca
Levels of DECA

  • Local (HS)

  • District

  • State (NC)

  • Region (NC is in Southern)

    • 4 Regions: North Atlantic, Southern, Central, and Western

  • International

Governance in deca
Governance in DECA

  • Professional staff

  • Leadership council

  • Student leadership

Sustaining deca financially
Sustaining DECA Financially

  • Membership in DECA requires that each member pay dues on the state and national level.

Other nc cte student organizations
Other NC CTE Student Organizations

  • DECA–Marketing Education

  • FBLA–Business and Information Technology Education

  • FCCLA–Family and Consumer Sciences Education

  • FFA–Agricultural Education

  • HOSA–Health Occupations Education

  • TSA–Technology Education

  • SkillsUSA–VICA–Trade and Industrial Education

Deca conferences
DECA Conferences

  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Conference held in Orlando, Florida.

  • Marketing Competitive Events Conference (MCEC) – District competition.

Deca conferences continued
DECA Conferences continued . . .

  • North Carolina Career Development Conference (NC CDC) – State competition held in Greensboro.

  • International Career Development Conference (ICDC).

Deca events
DECA Events

  • Competency Based Competitive Events:

    • Apparel & Accessories Marketing Series

    • Food Marketing Series

  • Management Team Decision Making Events:

    • Sports & Entertainment Marketing Mgmt Team Decision Making

    • Travel & Tourism Marketing Mgmt Team Decision Making

Deca events continued
DECA Events continued …

  • Marketing Research Events:

    • Hospitality & Recreation Marketing Research

    • Retail Marketing Research

  • Chapter Team Events:

    • Civic Consciousness Project

    • Creative Marketing Project

Deca events continued1
DECA Events continued …

  • Business Mgmt & Entrepreneurship Events:

    • E-Commerce Business Plan

    • International Business Plan

  • Marketing Representative Events:

    • Advertising Campaigns

    • Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan

Deca special activities
DECA Special Activities

  • 7-Up Challenge

  • Virtual Business Challenge

  • DECA Quiz Bowl


  • International Theme:

    DECA . . . “Developing leaders in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.”

  • North Carolina Theme:

    NC DECA . . . (Can you find it?)

Unit 1 project continued
Unit 1 Project continued …

  • Continue working on Unit 1 Project

  • Research and provide solid evidence of your work in your presentation

  • All work is be completed and ready for presentation at the end of the unit