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Topics for Seminars & Workshops in Your Library PowerPoint Presentation
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Topics for Seminars & Workshops in Your Library

Topics for Seminars & Workshops in Your Library

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Topics for Seminars & Workshops in Your Library

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  1. Topics forSeminars& Workshopsin Your Library Harness the Power of Library PressDisplay to Explore, Research and Expand Your Interests.

  2. Intro Library PressDisplay is much more than just a website of newspapers. Besides being the largest online newspaper kiosk in the world, it offers powerful browsing, reading, searching, sharing and social tools that can help patrons grow knowledge, explore special interests and see the world in a whole new way. Help your patrons discover the power of Library PressDisplay by adding these slides to your library orientation workshops and seminars.

  3. Workshop / Seminar Topics • Sustainability / Green • Multilingual / ESL • Multinational / Multicultural • Accessibility • Careers • Education • Creative Writing • Politics • Web 2.0 & Social Media • Current Events • Finance & Markets • Pop Culture / “Follow the Stars” • Business & Industry • Sports • Food • …and more!

  4. The Environment & Sustainability • Environment Canada and report that: • It takes 17 trees to produce 1 tonne of newsprint • An average newspaper weighs about .21 kg • About 40% of newspaper content is from recycled paper • Since 2003, over 37,000 trees have been saved by people like you who have chosen to read their newspapers on GO GREEN – GO DIGITAL

  5. Language Studies & Training • Use the multilingual interface options to browse in English, French, German, Italian, Arabic or Russian. • Read newspapers written in 38 languages. • Translate articles in up to 12 languages. • Use the audio feature to listen to articles while you read to learn new words and phrases. • Write summaries, reviews and reports using articles in different languages to practice your writing.

  6. Multiculturalism & Ethnic Studies • Learn about local and regional issues by reading local community newspapers • Familiarize yourself with diverse cultures through the Arts & Entertainment sections of international titles • Compare different perspectives of ethnic issues by reading diverse newspapers from the same region • Use the advanced search feature to find the latest articles on multiculturalism, diversity and ethnic relations.

  7. Disabilities & Accessibility • Use the Newspaper Radio feature to listen to articles instead of reading them. • Zoom in/out to adjust font • sizes for better viewing. • Subscribe to PressDisplay RSS feeds to get the news delivered to your reader as soon as they are published. • Access PressDisplay at the library, at home or while travelling.

  8. Jobs & Careers • Browse Careers and Classifieds sections of newspapers from around the world to find opportunities ideal for you. • Use the advanced search tool to search for articles about your field of interest. • Read from industry-focused publications to learn more about new job trends and opportunities.

  9. Newspapers in K to 12 Education • For Students • Write to the editor or post comments on articles and participate in discourse with the newspaper reading community. • Read newspapers from around the world to expand your knowledge of cultural vocabulary, global and regional conflicts, and contemporary issues. • For Teachers Have your creative writing students: • Start a student newspaper using examples from international media. • Write reviews of newspaper articles. • Compare and contrast different global perspectives on current events.

  10. Politics • Compare perspectives on a political issue by reading newspapers with different focuses • Promote your candidate by using the social bookmarking tools to share articles with friends • Interact with fellow readers on political topics • Read how other countries view a particular country’s political situation

  11. Web 2.0 & Social Media • Interact with fellow readers by commenting on articles from publications worldwide. • Vote on articles • Share articles through blogs and social networks such as Facebook, Digg and • Subscribe to RSS feeds for your favorite local or international newspapers • Use the advanced search feature to discover new technologies, devices and social media trends around the world.

  12. Current Events • Use the advanced search feature to find articles with different perspectives on current events like elections or regional conflicts. • Use the RSS, sharing and social networking tools to share and blog about the events as they happen. • Read comments from other readers on events in their countries and add your own opinions to the discussion.

  13. Finance & Markets • Use the advanced search feature to find the latest news about stock markets, companies • and competitors. • Take advantage of leading publications like the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. • Get your financial news before it hits the newsstands. • Read different perspectives on global and local markets. • Analyze market history with back-issue access of up to 60 days.

  14. Pop Culture / “Follow the Stars” • Get unlimited access to what’s new in Hollywood in magazines like Hollywood Reporter • Share gossip with other fans using article commenting • Collect pictures of your favorite stars using PressDisplay’s picture gallery • Find quotable quotes from the stars while filming abroad by reading newspapers near their location • Share stories about celebrities on blogs or through email with friends

  15. Business & Industry • Share business articles with colleagues through PressDisplay’s, email sharing, social networking and blogging features. • Get in-depth news on your industry from the experts around the world. • Gain a competitive edge by monitoring your own and competitors’ brands using the RSS and advanced search features. • Gain perspective by reading the diverse world reactions to business news and trends. • Take advantage of access to business opportunities advertised in newspapers from around the world.

  16. Sports • Follow your favorite teams and athletes using RSS and advanced search features. • Discuss articles with fellow sports fans using commenting and social networking features. • Gain an edge in the blogging community by showing more international sports news stories. • Monitor the trends in your favorite sports with up to 60 days of back issues.

  17. Food • Read international food magazines • Learn how to make international and exotic dishes • Read what your favorite TV celebrity chefs are up to • Explore new wine destinations • Discover new wines and cocktail recipes • Read cook book reviews • Share opinions on recipes or add your own variants for other readers to enjoy • Read the latest news on health and diet

  18. … and more! Library PressDisplay offers an unlimited range of possibilities for exploring the world around us. Library patrons can enhance their experience at the library by taking advantage of all that PressDisplay has to offer and by participating in seminars like these. Visit your Librarian Admin Portal at to download more presentations like this. We welcome your input! Please email us at to let us know about your experience with Library PressDisplay and your ideas on how we can improve the product for you and your patrons.