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Welcome To The Kingdom Of Thailand PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome To The Kingdom Of Thailand

Welcome To The Kingdom Of Thailand

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Welcome To The Kingdom Of Thailand

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  2. The Kingdom of Thailand The land of Thais is a place full of smiles where visitors are honored like guests. Thailand draws more visitors than any other country in Southeast Asia. It is an amazing combination of breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, robust cuisine, well known hospitality and ruins of famous ancient kingdoms. Thailand is well known for its outstanding beaches and luxury of Phuket’s beach resorts are Amazing part of Thailand Tour Package.

  3. Fascinating Native Handicrafts One is the mountainous north, with its bunch of multi colored orchids, fascinating native handicrafts and winter temperatures are sufficiently cool to continue cultivation of temperature fruits. Other is the high Northeast Plateau, which still protects its many archaeological and anthropological mysteries. Then it is the central plain on of the world’s most fertile rice and fruits growing areas with beautiful traditional culture. And the last one is the peninsular South where the unspoiled beaches and islands complement vital tin mining, rubber cultivation and fishing.

  4. Thailand is Very Popular for Massage and Spa

  5. Tuk-Tuks rides in Thailand For commutation and transportation Metered taxis are recent innovations offering the unprecedented potential for a barterless transaction. The two-tone green and yellow taxis are easily available. Also to try something new you can take a ride in Tuk-tuks. They are customized motorbikes with a canopied two-seater bench in the back.

  6. Natural Wonders Thailand is also famous for its natural wonders. You can spend a lot of time just trekking its highlands, mooching through its natural parks, enjoying its islands, checking out the temple architecture, ancient cities and traditional crafts.

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