introduction to hazard communication an employee orientation training course n.
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Introduction to Hazard Communication An Employee Orientation & Training Course PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Hazard Communication An Employee Orientation & Training Course

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Introduction to Hazard Communication An Employee Orientation & Training Course - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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?. Introduction to Hazard Communication An Employee Orientation & Training Course. Introduction to Hazard Communication.

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Introduction to Hazard Communication An Employee Orientation & Training Course

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introduction to hazard communication
Introduction toHazard Communication

PREMISE:Employees have a need and a right to know the hazards and identities of the chemicals that they work with, and employees working with hazardous chemicals must be provided with the work procedures and equipment to prevent injury and illness.

federal osha standard overview
Federal OSHA StandardOverview
  • Also known as the “HazCom” or “Employee Right to Know” regulation
  • Applies to general industry
  • Covers most chemicals
  • Concerned with both physical hazards and health hazards
  • Requires a written Hazard Communication program for regulated employers
employer responsibilities
Employer Responsibilities
  • Identify and locate hazardous materials in the workplace
  • Inform employees of these materials
  • Train employees to be able to detect the presence or release of these materials
  • Train employees to use safe work practices, emergency procedures and personal protective equipment
  • Inform employees of the location of the facility’s written Hazard Communication program, MSDSs, labeling system, and how to use them
hazard communication process
Hazard Communication Process
  • Information prepared by chemical manufacturers and importers
  • Labels to be attached to shipping containers
  • Material Safety Data sheets (MSDSs) to accompany shipment
  • Employer makes the information available to employees
  • Employer trains employees to use information
hazardous material definition
Hazardous Material Definition
  • Most chemical products used in the workplace
  • Materials with known physical or health hazards

a. Flammable

b. Toxic

c. Caustic

d. Reactive

e. Carcinogens

health hazards of hazardous materials
Health Hazards of Hazardous Materials
  • Acute vs. chronic effects
  • Routes of entry into body- Inhalation- Ingestion- Absorption
labeling requirements
Labeling Requirements
  • In-plant containers of hazardous materials must be labeled, tagged, or marked with material identity and appropriate warning
  • Containers of transferred material, such as in-process containers, must also be labeled, unless they are used immediately
  • Labels are to contain an identifying name, a hazard warning, and frequently, precautionary measures
  • Never remove labels
  • Don’t mix chemicals that do not have labels
material safety data sheets msds
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)


  • Product Information
  • Exposure Situations
  • Hazard Prevention and Protection
  • Other Specific Information
material safety data sheets msds product information
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)Product Information
  • Chemical name
  • Manufacturer’s name, address, phone number
  • Preparation or revision date of the MSDS
  • Ingredients of the material (unless it is a trade secret)
  • Exposure limits
  • Physical and health hazards
  • Emergency phone numbers
material safety data sheets exposure situations
Material Safety Data SheetsExposure Situations
  • First aid information
  • Spill / leak control information
  • Firefighting information

- Flammable limits

- Flashpoint temperature

- Auto-ignition temperature

material safety data sheets hazard prevention protection
Material Safety Data SheetsHazard Prevention & Protection
  • Safe handling and storage precautions
  • Engineering controls
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Stability and hazardous release from decomposition of materials
  • Reactions with other chemicals
  • Recommended use of personal protective equipment
material safety data sheets other specific information
Material Safety Data SheetsOther Specific Information
  • Toxicological information
  • Environmental information
  • Disposal information
  • Regulatory information
  • Transportation information
continuous program maintenance
Continuous Program Maintenance
  • New employee orientation
  • Changes in substances handled
  • Updates in MSDS information
  • Changes in the operational processes
hazard communication
  • Final Discussion
  • Question and Answer Period