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Lesson 2: Assembly of a computer PowerPoint Presentation
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Lesson 2: Assembly of a computer

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Lesson 2: Assembly of a computer

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Lesson 2: Assembly of a computer

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  1. Lesson 2:Assembly of a computer By: Mathiew Cornell

  2. Objective: • After viewing this lesson, you will be able to take put together your dream computer.

  3. Requirements: • You will need the following: 1. One optical drive of your choice. 2. One case of your choice.  3. One motherboard of your choice. (remember it has to fit in your case) 4. One Hard Drive. 5. One power supply.  6. Two sticks of one or two GB RAM (compatible with your motherboard) 7. One power cord … duh! 8. One key board. 9. One mouse. 10. One monitor. 11. Processor. • You will need a none-magnetic screw driver • You will need an electric static discharge band or something to get rid of the extra electricity.

  4. Step 1: • The first thing to do when building your dream computer is to of course put on your electric static wrist band (or whatever your using to get rid of extra electricity.)

  5. Step 2: • This step is very easy … there is a big open spot in the back left top of the computer case and you take your power supply and line up the four screws and screw it in.

  6. Step 3: • When installing the motherboard there are holes in the motherboard the correspond with holes/standoffs in the case. Now when your screwing the motherboard in DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS YOU WILL BREAK THE MOTHERBOARD. ONLY SCREW THEM IN UNTIL THEY STOP.

  7. Step 4: • When installing the RAM it could be little scary but it is just snug so don’t worry. • What you will do is line up the golden bottom part of the stick(s) with the little hole in the motherboard.

  8. Step 5: • The DVD drive is one of the easiest steps, there are holes on either side of the drive that match up with the hole in the case. Then all you have to do is line them up and screw them in.

  9. Step 6: • This may be way different than yours so don't just guess, take your time and look. • But in simple terms the cords are color coded so match the colors and then push the cord in till in snaps in.

  10. Step 7: • Pretty much the same as last step but a lot easier to find the matching cord.

  11. Step 8: • Now for the data cables. • Same as last two steps just a lot smaller and in a smaller spot so smaller hands are helpful for you here.

  12. Step 9: • This is the step were you make your dream computer, yours … the Hard Drive • Next, take your new drive and ensure that the jumper settings are set to master or single drive. The jumper settings should be displayed on the hard drive or in the manufacturer's book.Now gently slide the drive into position and line up the holes, then insert the 4 fixing screws.

  13. Step 10: • Hook up your monitor and turn on the computer. • If the computer does not start up … MAKE SURE IT’S ALL PLUGGED IN.

  14. END • I hope this has helped you build your dream computer. ENLOY IT !!