richard ramirez the night stalker n.
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Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker” PowerPoint Presentation
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Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker”

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Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker”

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Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker”

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  1. Richard Ramirez“The Night Stalker” By: Allie Gruber

  2. By definition… N.   A person who attacks and kills victims one by one in a series of incidents. Ramirez methods were consistent in sneaking into a home at night, shooting the male in the head (if present) followed by rape & slaughtering of the female to near decapitation. He did not put any effort towards hiding his identity nor ashamed of his tactics; here is his story…

  3. Background • Born in El, Paso on February 29, 1960 • Youngest of 5 to parents Julian & Mercedes Ramirez • Born in El Paso on February 29, 1960 • Youngest of 5 to parents Mercedes & Julian Ramirez • Ramirez dropped out of the 9th grade and became the ultimate slacker • Father had a temper and would often beat Richard • Richard moved to California when he turned 18

  4. Influences Mike Ramirez was Richard’s closest cousin of whom he looked up to the most. Mike fought in Vietnam and upon his return home he had become a changed man. One day when Mike and Richard were at Mike’s home, Mike shot his wife in front of Richard due to an argument they had. With Richard only 13 years old, the two began living a life of a convict; stealing and robbing people at every street corner.

  5. The first of many… • Ramirez first attack took place on June 28, 1984 to a 79 year old Glassel Park resident named Jennie Vincow. The victim was found dead on her bed the next morning by a neighbor. She was sprawled out on her bed with multiple stab marks to the throat nearly being decapitated. • The autopsy showed signs of sexual assault and fingerprints were found on the window seal that was left open for Ramirez to sneak in.

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  7. Richard says “I do” On October 3, 1996 in California’s San Quentin Prison Richard married to Doreen Lioy, a 41 year-old freelance magazine editor with a bachelor's degree in English * Ramirez at this time was awaiting execution

  8. The end of an era • After multiple accounts of rape and murder, Ramirez’s face was open to the public eye  Pinon incident • At age 26 Ramirez was arrested and charged with 14 murders and 31 felonies along with other possible murders that had not yet been proven from San Francisco • In September of 1987 in a pre-trial proceeding, Ramirez pleaded guilty and was quoted saying, “You got me, The Stalker” and “Of course I did it. So what? Go ahead and shoot me, I deserve to die.”

  9. Case continued… • Judge Michael Tynan • 3 years later in July, the case had come to conclusion that Ramirez was Not Guilty by reason of Insanity. • Finally after using 137 witnesses and 521exhibits, the trial came to an end announcing Richard Ramirez to death 19 times. • Ramirez was both obsessed with Satan and women and wished they could be in the courtroom with him at his sentencing. VS.

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